With this collaboration, STL expects to leverage VMware vCloud NFV to install, manage and maintain the environment for network microservices

“We are staring into the horizon at the bright future that 5G has for us”, Mr. Parveez Nasyam, Xenium Digital

2018 has been the year of 4G. Extensive 4G network expansion undertaken by the telecom operators led to the remarkable growth of the mobile internet subscribers and consumption. This, coupled with suspense created behind the 5G network and the intense tariff war between telcos, fuelled the mobile broadband market in the country.

While discussing this 5G revolution taking over the world, Mr Parveez Nasyam, CEO & Managing Director, Xenium Digital tells VoicenData if he sees any differences between the Indian telecom operators and global/European Telecom Operators in the preparation for 5G infrastructure.

According to him, 5G takes pride in being the next generation of connectivity; it will be the informational bridge in-between devices to ensure human beings have a better quality of life that is more connected in general. The devices in our household, work, and area of hobbies will have a shared database that will be tailored as per the users likes and dislikes. With the internet and AI working in tandem, will also be able to predict future trends, ailments or something as small as a kitchen item that might go out of stock. 5G is being aggressively pursued in India and the other countries around the world.

Mobile phone manufacturers around the world such as Samsung and Motorola are having an arms race in the pursuit to launch a fully functional 5G enabled devices. While suppliers such as Huawei are providing equipment to many countries around the world to set up full-fledged 5G infrastructures. The move has generated so much buzz that countries such as the US, Australia, etc. have issued a ban on the import of equipments by Chinese manufacturers. India and other European countries have decided to rule against it, as they believe it is counter-productive to their journey to progress. This is in direct conflict to US’s call to ban Chinese equipment’s as they are said to have hidden spyware in them.

It comes as a shock since brands such as Apple, Blackberry and Nokia even though are non-Chinese brands happen to source a lot of their internal components from these Chinese manufacturers.

India’s progressive nature of being one of the early adopters of such technologies has allowed them to continuously better their ties with China and contribute substantially to maintain world peace.

India’s leap from the 155th rank to being the number one country in the world in less than 2 years in terms of mobile data consumption alone, has sky-rocketed their demand as a technologically focused nation across the world.

India has also recorded the fastest transition from 2G, 3G to 4G. Which makes 5G a natural progression. India may not have major locally established technological brands, but its capacity to partner along with other players makes it a force to reckon with globally.

Gurus of the industry have predicted a domain shift, from mainline to digital in the next 5-10 years, but with the existing trends and a shift in numbers, it is very likely to happen earlier than expected.

Jio has the infrastructure in place, it’s only a matter of time and further improvements for them to capitalise on this opportunity.

The digital revolution is underway and 5G will be instrumental.

Mobile phones are starting to reach areas where even televisions cannot. They have generated a wave of digital revolution that will bring India in the limelight.  AI enabled phones can bring about a revolution in the world of farmers, shopkeepers and artisans in villages who depend solely on their skills to survive. Their knowledge can be shared with the world as they in return can learn something new or create a hybrid of technology and art working in cohesive symphony.

5G has great plans for India, as India has great plans for 5G. It is a symbiotic relationship where both the beneficiaries are assured to grow skywards. We are staring into the horizon at the bright future that 5G has for us.

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