Optiva helps Vodafone Idea to shift 100% of its IT application stack onto Universal Cloud

VIL is the first telecom to deploy Optiva's charging solution with cloud-native architecture, which transforms a traditional monolithic architecture

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Amidst the AGR issue, this deal might add a significant cost advantage to Vodafone Idea Ltd (VIL). The distressed telecom service provider with a base of 304 million subscribers has gone live with a new pilot deployment of cloud-native Optiva Charging Engine on VIL’s Universal Cloud.


Notably, VIL is the first telecom to deploy a charging solution with cloud-native architecture, which transforms a traditional monolithic architecture through decomposition, containerization and function productization.

“We are shifting 100% of our IT application stack onto the VIL Universal Cloud, the industry’s largest private cloud deployment,” said Vishant Vora, chief technology officer at VIL India. “We chose Optiva’s cloud-native charging solution as one of the first applications to be hosted on the VIL Universal Cloud for the efficiencies it provides.”

The pilot caters to over 4 million live subscribers and serves up more than 1,000 transaction units per second (TPS) traffic for online data charging. Over the next several months, VIL will observe the mission-critical BSS application on its Universal private cloud. The pilot is designed as a two-step process — first on a Kubernetes-enabled VIL Universal private cloud that can be expanded to deploy across India and then an option for a future, the second step on a public cloud platform.


“VIL’s decision to move the IT infrastructure of one of the largest telcos in the world to the cloud is visionary. When we started this project, VIL was the first to see the advantage of moving this enterprise workload to the cloud,” said Danielle Royston, CEO of Optiva. “Our teams have collaborated flawlessly to execute and migrate to cloud-native technology while ensuring business continuity for one of the world’s largest customer bases. We are excited to continue our momentum to the cloud, potentially driving cost savings to Vodafone Idea.