Vip mobile selects Ericsson for managed services

V&D Bureau
New Update

Vip mobile has selected Ericsson for 5 year managed services contract for its mobile network in Serbia.


Vip mobile is part of the Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of mobile as well as fixed communication services in Central and Eastern Europe.

The five-year agreement covers field maintenance services for access equipment and site infrastructure and will involve the transfer of 20 Vip employees to Ericsson in April, 2013. Ericsson will provide high quality services, delivered through people with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time and at a cost level which enables both Ericsson and Vip mobile to accomplish their business objectives.

Dejan Kastelic, CTO of Vip mobile said "We were looking for a reliable and professional managed services partner. Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with Ericsson. We believe this contract will deliver even more effective and integrated handling and management of our networks and service delivery. Also Ericsson's regional team will be strengthened with 20 excellent field engineers who have been developing their professional skills in last years within Vip."

Valter D'Avino, head of Managed Services at Ericsson, said "This is the first managed service contract in Serbia for Ericsson, but at the same time it is an extension of the managed services partnership we entered into with the Telekom Austria Group in 2012. We are proud to extend this partnership to other countries in a multi-country approach and to ensure that the networks of the group are run with the highest quality."

By teaming up with Ericsson in managed services, operators can strengthen their competitive edge through improved network availability and capacity, while reducing their operating costs. This drives the market for mobile services and helps improve the quality of services and the user experience. Globally, Ericsson has signed more than 300 managed services contracts in more than 100 countries.