VIAVI Launches Open RAN Partnerships to Deliver Test and Assurance

Viavi Solutions announced extensions to its Open RAN test suite, which will enable the industry to address multiple challenges.

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Viavi Solutions reveals multiple Open RAN partnerships

Viavi Solutions announced extensions to its Open RAN test suite, which will enable the industry to address multiple challenges.  At MWC Barcelona, VIAVI will showcase joint solutions with AMD, Ericsson, and Rohde & Schwarz.


Viavi Batting for Open RAN

As Open RAN moves from the lab to the field, the challenges of deploying any new technology are compounded by the need to support legacy networks. The resulting operator landscape also requires vendors to configure solutions to address multiple generations of radio technology. This will help bridge traditional infrastructure and the cloud and integrate with incumbent equipment providers.

Therefore, VIAVI has introduced several enhancements to its portfolio of end-to-end test and assurance solutions. These are:

  • RIC Test. TeraVM RIC Test validates the performance of the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC). It works when presented with a wide range of RAN scenarios and tests the functionality of rApps and xApps. Also, it provides the means to generate the data needed to train AI models.
  • Test in the Cloud. VIAVI allows any node – O-RU, O-DU, O-CU, RIC, and Core – and complete end-to-end testing.
  • Test as a Service. VIAVI now provides a Test as a Service (TaaS), that offers the support to maximize engineering productivity. Along with that, the TaaS also provides access to the right tools and expertise to enable the rapid delivery of high-performance and ultra-reliable communications products.
  • TMLite. Viavi provides the capabilities of the TM500 Network Tester in a streamlined version on a COTS server. This enables vendors to deploy focused functional test tools earlier in the development cycle. Further, it lets smaller vendors gain access to the TM500 family with a more compact package. The TMLite also uses the AMD EPYC processors, which offer high compute and input/output flexibility per server, enabling multiple carriers of 4G and 5G at RF and Open Fronthaul.

Recent Partnerships

  • Capgemini. VIAVI has collaborated with Capgemini, through Capgemini Engineering in Portugal, to deliver 5G and O-RAN lab test capability. Powered by VIAVI’s O-RAN Lab as a Service, it ensures successful network integration and accelerates Lab-to-Live trials for Open RAN.
  • Ericsson. VIAVI will be delivering geolocation capabilities as a Non-Real-time RIC Application (rApp) on the Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform.
  • Rohde & Schwarz. VIAVI and Rohde & Schwarz will offer an integrated solution for conformance testing of O-RAN Radio Units (O-RUs), including the O-RU Test Manager which provides a seamless user experience.

"Open RAN is moving out of the lab into the real world, facing the messy complexities of mapping theoretically sound technologies and architectures to a wide diversity of implementation scenarios", said Sameh Yamany, CTO, VIAVI.

Viavi at MWC 2022

At MWC Barcelona 2022, VIAVI will conduct joint demonstrations with the following partners:


AMD, Stand #2M61. VIAVI and AMD will jointly demonstrate the ability to test the O-DU cost-effectively with a small footprint solution. The solution will allow both UE emulation and Open Fronthaul testing in one small and compact solution. It also allows performance testing without compromise with a cost-effective compact solution.

Ericsson, Stand #2O60. The Ericsson Intelligent Automation Platform automates any network and will work across new and existing 4G and 5G RANs. Using the platform, Ericsson's operator customers will be able to utilize the intelligence from one rApp in combination with other rApps running on the platform, in the creation of services. The NITRO Mobility geolocation capability from VIAVI will also be available as a rApp – a modular radio network application leveraging the non-real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (Non-RT RIC) capability of the SMO platform. NITRO Mobility is the leading solution for intelligence, assurance, and optimization based on geolocated, app-aware insight.

Rohde & Schwarz, Stand #5A80. VIAVI and R&S will jointly demonstrate O-RAN WG4 fronthaul conformance testing. An O-RU Reference Design is also validated by VIAVI’s automated TM500 O-RU tester with R&S SMW200A vector signal generator, R&S FSVA3000 signal and spectrum analyzer, and the R&S VSE signal analysis software.

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