UC Browser Launches Women-only Mobile News Channel

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UC Browser, Alibaba Digital Media, and Entertainment Group has launched a brand new channel dedicated to women, with an aim to bring the best of women-related content on a single platform. UC Browser is partnering with select media organizations and UC We-Media bloggers to offer women-oriented stories and information in the field of education, health, fashion, lifestyle, relationships and more. UC Browser has also kicked off a campaign to select 20 Sheros or real-life female heroes of India with an aim to publish their inspirational stories on its platform.


UC Browser has a separate section devoted to powerful ladies who have successfully managed to push their limits and inspire millions in the process. Kicking off the campaign are RJ Sudipta and acid attack victim Lakshmi. RJ Sudipta’s fat-to-fit story is an inspiration for millions - A confident radio jockey who lost oodles of weight and, in the process, inspired women to view fitness in a positive light. Celebrating Laksmi’s never-quit spirit, the channel is giving voice to hundreds of unsung heroes and women making a difference in big and small ways.

UC Browser is inviting women from varied fields of Fashion, Fitness, Entrepreneurship, Media and more to participate in this campaign. You can also nominate a family member, friend or an acquaintance. UC Browser is looking for the following:

  • Successful women who have made it big in their respective fields
  • Women who have emerged stronger and powerful despite hardships
  • Ordinary women who have proved to be a hero of their own lives

Currently, the Women channel is available in the Hindi language while the English channel will be made available soon. In addition to the inspiring Sheroes stories, the channel will also promote special occasions such as Mother’s Day celebration, to drive discussion topics and increase user engagement to raise awareness about women's welfare.

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