Top10 Vendors: 9 - Infosys: Innovative Approach

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New Update

Brand Infosys is ready to turn heads in the telecom arena too.

Revenue from services in the communications segment, for Infosys, stands at Rs

2,681 crore for FY 2006-07-a whopping 71% growth over previous fiscal's telecom

revenue of Rs 1,566 crore.


The telecom segment contributes 19.3% to the overall revenue of

Infosys, becoming one of the highest revenue generators for the company. In the

previous fiscal it was 16.5% of overall revenue.

Infosys continues to look West rather than the domestic market.

It has increased its footprint in North America and continental Europe. Among

the 40-odd customers, Infosys has 15 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs),

and over 25 non-OEM telecom companies. The elite clientele boasts of 7 of the

top 10 communication service providers worldwide, 5 of the top 6 North American

telecom companies, 4 of the top 6 European telcos, a leading Asia-Pacific telco,

3 major cable operators, and 2 major ISPs. British Telecom and Telstra are two

key clients the company has officially announced its partnership with.

Area of Operation:

Telecom Software, Telecom

Consulting, OSS-BSS

Infosys Technologies,

Plot No 44&97A, Electronics City, Hosur Road, Bangalore 560 100

Tel: 080-28520261



  • Over 40 telecom clients

    with 7 new accounts added

  • Growth areas include VoIP,

    mobile TV, IPTV, wireless and cable TV

  • Key orders on business

    transformation projects, product development and business design process

  • Diversified from wireline to wireless

    and cable MSO


Infosys has looked at broadening its service offerings, moving

on from just a technology implementer to a business transformation partner,

assisting telcos in the entire lifecycle from concept to market. Broadly there

are three main families of solutions that Infosys offers to the communications

services clients. The first of these is called 'Concept-to-Market' solutions,

which includes a comprehensive set of processes or solutions related to business

process redesign, product development lifecycle and value added services. The

second family of solutions is called 'Lead-to-Cash' that addresses the process

cycle from getting a lead to an order, then billing, and finally getting the

cash (revenue). The third family of products is what it calls

'Trouble-to-Repair' under which Infosys offers 'scenario based customer service'

which covers the cycle of customer service from the point when a trouble is

reported by a client's customer to the repair point.

Among significant projects completed, Infosys enabled British

Telecom (BT) launch rate-adaptive broadband speeds of up to 8Mbps on a national

basis. Infosys leveraged its Global Delivery Model to deliver quality software

and developed an operations support system (OSS) for a down-stream rate adaptive

ADSL technology, instead of fixed rate technology. The new rate adaptive

technology allows BT to offer higher broadband speeds, and the development of

error correction methods ensures customers receive the most reliable service.

'We are trusted as an end-to-end transformation partner'

To what do you attribute the

impressive 71% growth rate over previous year's revenue, in the telec
om segment?

Beginning of last fiscal we had kept a modest target of 20-30% growth, and

are very pleased to have exceeded it beyond expectations. I feel there are three

main factors for this high growth: Most of our existing clients did exceedingly

well last year, as a result we grew with them. Secondly, the Australian telecom

business, which had earlier shown a dip, picked up considerably in the last

fiscal-this accelerated our growth further as we have Australia's national

carrier, Telstra, as one of our main clients. Last, but not the least, we have

successfully diversified our focus into many areas beyond the wireline business,

into wireless and Cable MSO.

Subhash B Dhar

vp, comm service


What are the new areas of business you are keenly looking at?

The job is to go deeper into the cable and wireless segments; we

have only just skimmed the surface. We are keen to take up large transformation

projects. We want to enable all three-wireline, wireless and cable companies, to

leverage the concept of IP multimedia subsystem or a converged platform for

voice, data and video. So we feel Mobile TV, IPTV, VoIP, are the holy grails and

we need to be competent in to enable our clients to succeed.

Can you share with us details of some significant projects


We are engaged in some blue-blooded consulting engagements.

For example, Infosys is advising a leading Cable MSO in North America in

building a management business case for their investment in a new convergent

platform. This is a high impact capital investment advisory service, which

involves a technology direction. This is extremely challenging for us as we

bring in not just our consulting capability but our understanding of the telecom

domain and technology. We have also been asked by another leading cable company

to partner in the product development process. This involves generation of

services. We are very excited of such opportunities that go beyond technology

and involve redesigning business processes.

What are the challenges you face looking forward?

There are two major challenges in my mind. One is to be

trusted as a structure transformational partner. So far we have been considered

to be very good implementers, but we would now like to be known as a complete

end-to-end partner who can lead a client's entire transformational program;

right from conceptualizing and executing the change.

The other challenge is how to improve the non-linear growth

curve. Today, Infosys growth is by and large proportional to the number of

people we have in the company. The challenge is to break that norm, and grow

revenues without having to add new staff. We would like to charge our customer

not on time or material, but on function points, results, and features or per

problem solved. This will be a value-add for customers as well.

Now that you have set your bar so high, how do you plan to

continue the momentum?

Looking ahead we feel that we have just scratched the surface

really. We are eyeing opportunities beyond business as usual. This is key as the

business landscape of our clients is changing, and Infosys is adept in

acclimatizing to changing client needs. We are more focused on being

nimble-footed. Europe is our geographical focus for the current year as we

haven't penetrated the region. We have a huge potential to grow in

English-speaking countries and that would keep us busy for the next 4-5 years.


Infosys has enough projects to keep itself busy for the next

couple of years. It is designing innovative new business processes for IP

services for major global CSPs. In another venture, the company is designing a

next-generation network platform (MPLS, Metro Ethernet) and OSS for one of

Europe's largest service providers, among other projects.

Looking ahead, Infosys is eyeing opportunities beyond just the

business-as-usual. It is excited about the transformational projects that

pitches them as trusted partners of telcos who are going through a

transformation phase themselves. Infosys is upbeat about its ability to notch

high impact blue-blooded consultation services especially from wireless and

cable companies.