The potential of VoIP has not yet been fully realized

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Are regulations a big hurdle in the success of VoIP phones?

VoIP has the potential to enhance personal and organizational productivity. The
potential application of VoIP has not yet been fully realized. Various

regulatory restrictions have confined the usage of products to limited mediums.

I understand that the Indian government is looking towards licensing and

regulating the VoIP industry. This important step taken by the government will

be beneficial to the telecom industry as well as for any emerging market



Tell us about products that you are planning to launch?

In the telecom domain, we will soon be launching

an SMB PBX with all advanced network connectivity like ISDN, VoIP, GSM, CDMA,

3G, etc. We will also launch our first Pure IPPBX with a capacity to register

500 users. Matrix is also stepping into the security market by launching its new

access control and fire alarm system.

What kind of value addition does your products give to customers?

SMBs and large and medium enterprises are the two market verticals. The
requirement of these two are different. Matrix through its range of products

intends to fulfill the requirements of the SMB sector, providing not only

enterprise grade features and functionalities, but also modularity and cost

effectiveness. On the other hand, Matrix range of enterprise switches meets the

diverse needs of medium and large enterprises. By providing a high performance,

reliable, and expandable communication infrastructure, these products enhance

the organizational productivity.


What is the current demand for voice messaging products?

The demand for voice messaging products in India cannot be compared to the

western countries. The demand is gradually growing, as voice mail systems are

becoming more popular in India, especially in the hospitality industry. The

challenges have always been the same-create awareness, improve technology,

enhance quality, and develop effective marketing strategies.

How do you see the future of telecom equipment manufacturing in India?

The exponential growth in personal mobile telephony has overshadowed

organizational telephony market in the last few years. Technology may change

from POTS to ISDN to GSM, VoIP to video in the future. Thus, there are two types

of opportunities in India-meeting untapped demands and upgrading old


Akhilesh Shukla