The launch of LI will open many opportunities both within and outside India

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What is the USP of Smart Lawful Intercept (Smart LI), a 3G video interception application?


Smart Intercept is a boon to the law enforcement agencies (LEA) and it is the world's first real-time interception of 3G video calls application. It integrates real-time communication interception, logging and analysis of both voice and 3G video calls alongside enabling recording of video and voice communications which is monitored in real-time. 'Call Detail Record' (CDR) reporting tool for receiving data from the service provider of the intercepted calls is also built into this.

We have comprehended the application with European Telecommunication Services Association (ETSA) and Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)-this enables the application to function with any standards across the world. The other USPs with regard to latency, the latency between call initiated and interception is being brought from a few seconds to milliseconds. And other USP is remote area monitoring. LEA can receive the information while they are travelling. When any agency considers intercepting a call, the system sends an SMS alert whenever the monitored caller makes or receives a call and the interception can be monitored immediately. Besides this, if a monitored caller calls 3 people, we have created different layers where all the 3 persons could be seen/monitored in a single window. It will also identify the location of the tower. And the last 10 calls can be associated in a single video and helps LEAs to access the history of the calls.


Smart LI enables all the operators to fulfill the government requirements for continuing the 3G services. The launch of LI will open many opportunities both within and outside India and propel Bay Talkitec to next level of performance as well.

What is the pricing of the 'Smart LI' application?

The pilot project of 3G video interception application is in progress. We have successfully completed the first round of testing. And we are awaiting the approval from law enforcement agencies for its commercial launch.


This solution (inclusive of hardware, software and applications) monitors around 60 concurrent calls and it is priced at `2.5 crore. And it supports 8 LEAs and 60 concurrent calls simultaneously.

What are the main revenue generators for Baytalkitec?

The prominent revenue generators for our company are video gateway and contact center. The other one is 3G VAS. We are expecting revenue flow from 3G VAS in next 6 months.


What are Bay Talkitec's initiatives to make 3G a better experience?

We intend to shape up India as a VAS center. Foreigners are unable to access 3G VAS in India currently; our technical team is working on this project and would offer a solution soon. Besides, we are working on 3G convergence space as well.

Malini N