The integration of hardware, software, and middleware post 3G is a big challenge

VoicenData Bureau
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What are the latest highlights in telecom operations in the Indian market?

The Indian telecom market is growing at rocket speed. The market sees some

of the lowest prices for services provided. However, with more and more devices

coming in the market and an increasing number of users looking at rich user

experience, we see operators focusing on building differentiated offerings by

adding innovative value added services. Things will get even more interesting

once we roll out 3G, leading to a surge in demand for a whole new level of

services-from video streaming and video calls to super-fast and rich web

experience. We see a huge opportunity for Indian service providers across areas

including OSS/BSS, multimedia, managed services, VAS, R&D, etc.


What are the latest softwares launched for lowering power consumption?

Aricent's Media EXP suite is pre-optimized for most consumer electronics
development platforms, resulting in a significant decrease in power consumption

and considerable battery life extension (power savings up to 44% on certain

platforms) for video recording and playback. The pre-optimized platform also

delivers unparalleled encoding/decoding performance improvements of more than

50% relative to open source solutions. Already over 400 mn devices are powered

by our solutions.

What are the revenue opportunities for OEMs and service providers?

From an OEM perspective, opportunities lie in the end-to-end management of

networks in addition to product development. The opportunities further expand

when you consider that there are a multiple of technologies at play-from basic

GSM to 2.5G, 3G and LTE and WiMax. Managing such complex networks and offering

differentiated services while ensuring interoperability is a significant

challenge. For handset manufacturers, opportunities lie in providing devices

with a compelling user experience from the mass market to smartphones. What this

entails is the complete harmonization of chipsets, CODECs, displays, power

management, UI and more to deliver a good user experience. With the

commoditization of voice, telecom players are increasingly looking at VAS.

How do you plan to manage the complex integration in the post 3G scenario?

The biggest challenge that exists in the 3G and post 3G era is being able to

manage the complex integration of hardware, software, and middleware, while

ensuring the delivery of the best experience to consumers. Going forward, the

biggest myth is that user experience (UE) equals the user interface (UI). UI and

device design is one part of the UE, but it is just the tip of the proverbial

iceberg. Beyond UI, UE is heavily dependent on factors such as connectivity, as

the available bandwidth directly effects the experience as well as the services

that can be provided on the device. Performance optimization is also important

and with more mobile devices today than ever before (display, power, processor,

radio chips, etc), components are becoming more important than ever before.

Archana Singh