The Future of Phone!

Will voice survive the onslaught of data? Such a question might sound genuine, but that has no relationship with the future of phone. The telephone was an invention that changed the face of humanity. People did easily what they always wanted to do. To speak to each other, even at a distance. 

The issue of voice versus data is better left to the executives and analysts. The fact is that telephone, as it is, will not only survive, but thrive, and that too with no competition from–but with a little help from–data. The telephone will continue to do the same basic function that it does today, but will also do a lot more that it does not do today. It will play music of your choice. It will process you information. It will remind you about your appointments. It will connect to your PC. It will talk to your refrigerator and TV and make calls on their behalf, without worrying you for little things. It will move with you to anyplace, anywhere, anytime. 
But yes, the designer telephone will also make a comeback to your drawing room. After all, you do not just need to talk on telephone. Your telephone will also be your pride. And the neighbour’s envy! 

That, in short, is the future of phone–more capability, more mobile for you; more beautiful, more elegant for your room. Both ways. 

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