The fourth China OpenStack Bug Smash in Hangzhou

The fourth China OpenStack Bug Smash hosted in Hangzhou

NEW DELHI: Huawei, Intel, and China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI) jointly hosted the fourth China OpenStack Bug Smash in Hangzhou from July 6 to 8, 2016.

OpenStack Bug Smash has gradually become a global community activity, and has growing influence. All the participants work together to fix bugs to ensure high quality OpenStack releases. It also promotes open source activities in China, thereby increasing China’s influence in global open source projects.

Huawei, Intel, and CESI gathered 79 outstanding OpenStack developers from 14 companies and universities, including Intel, Huawei, HPE, PMG, and Zhejiang University. They also invited Duncan Thomas, a core technical expert of Cinder, to offer technical support for the activity. During the three days, the 79 OpenStack developers communicated and collaborated openly, fixed 141 bugs, a number that surges to new highs, and laid a solid foundation for a high quality OpenStack release.

OpenStack Bug Smash is a high-level community activity. It aims to enhance the technological strength of OpenStack, fix key OpenStack bugs, and boost OpenStack development in China through cooperation among OpenStack developers and face-to-face communication of core reviewers from project teams worldwide.

More than 400 bugs have been fixed in the past four OpenStack Bug Smash. This activity showcases the contributions made by Chinese OpenStack developers represented by Huawei and Intel and their strength in global open source projects, enabling Chinese open source technology developers to have more voices in the OpenStack Community.

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