TEMA asks all telcos to support net neutrality policy

TRAI has decided to block till settlement, premium plans of two telecom service providers citing discriminatory services to regular customers

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It is reported that some telecom operators are offering priority telecom plans to customers. These new plans will provide priority on a wireless network to certain customers.This move may be to attract high-paying retail customers and corporate customers.


TEMA compliments and support the views of RS Sharma, Chairman, TRAI: "In a fixed line, data speed can be regulated, but not on wireless. Also, you cannot take away rights of people paying lesser amounts”. The TRAI Chairman has also asked to quantity the speed.

TEMA always supports the “Net Neutrality Policy” adopted by Government of India, and appeals to all telecom operators that we should continue to support the same, which we all agreed collectively. That means no preferential treatment to a call over others. This move is acceptable with reference to voice calls for retail customers and for Government use in situations of national emergency, when voice calls, and voice broadcasting becomes utmost in national interest in situations like flood, earthquake, war, etc.

It may also be noted that Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the telecom and broadcasting regulator, has decided to block till settlement, these premium plans of two telecom service providers citing discriminatory services to regular customers.


In case few operators require to amend their plans, they should do so, rather than contesting each other in the Court of Law.

The Telecom Equipment Manufacturing Association (TEMA), represents the entire telecom industry, including service providers, manufacturers, exporters, innovators, etc., for the last 30 years. TEMA, being the oldest telecom association, is credited in helping and supporting the Government in the formation of various policies, technical guidelines, and liaison with international organizations like the ITU, APT, CTO, IEEE etc.

  • Prof NK Goyal, Chairman Emeritus, TEMA.
  • Sandeep Aggarwal,Vice Chairman, TEMA