TEMA appoints BK Syngal as Chairman of TEMA 6G Council

While 5G should be demystified for policy makers, as well as the common man, the Government should start the process of policy making for 6G

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TEMA has appointed BK Syngal, Founder Chairman of VSNL, who is also called Father of Internet in India, as the Chairman of TEMA 6G Council.


There has been abnormal hype in India and world for 5G. TEMA feels that the hysteria is only for the mobile portion of 5G, for which the finalized specifications are expected to be released by 3GPP by December, 2022. The 5G application for industrial and utility are not getting much attention whereas what's required for India are only those . In the meantime talks have already started globally for 6G.

TEMA feels it is right time for India to start planning for 6G with focus on technology and domestic manufacturing. To enable this TEMA has formed a TEAM 6G Council. This council was formally inaugurated by Dr Malcolm Johnson, Deputy Secretary General, International Telecom Union (ITU) on 16th October, 2019 at New Delhi.

Ravi Sharma, Chairman TEMA, said: “The focus of telecom is broadband now, and India can take a center stage in development of future technology like 6G . This would make India AatmNirbhar in technology and manufacturing both . TEMA has decided to lead this movement and appointed BK Syngal as the Chairman of TEMA 6G Council . With the rich and pioneering experience of national and international telecom, Syngal is the right person for leading the 6G movement . While the 5G should be demystified for policy makers, as well as the common man, the Government should start the process of policy making for 6G for harnessing the technology and manufacturing strength of the country. “


BK Syngal

BK Syngal said: “We are being made zombies by the 5G phobia. We must shift gears to go into 6G or any G by redefining Gs . We need to talk in terms of bandwidth delivery, devices applications etc with always on the internet. 80% of the world is for mixed high bandwidths, a miniscule for high bandwidth when on the move. These two will have to be segregated in system designs and delivery processes. However, we can't force expensive mobility and spectrum guzzlers solutions on fixed users. I am happy to lead the TEMA initiative of TEMA 6G Council."

Brijendra Kumar (BK) Syngal is a pioneer in the Indian telecommunication sector, and has been referred to as the ‘Father of Internet and Data Services in India’. His five-decade career has included senior executive positions in the major and public sector telecom companies in India, including Chairman and Managing Director of VSNL, India’s leading provider of telecommunication services, Chairman of Reliance Telecom, and Vice Chairman of BPL Communications. He has also served as Chairman, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (London),  Governor, INTELSAT Board, Washington DC; and as a Councilor for the INMARSAT Council in London, as well as a Governor, INTELSAT Board, Washington DC.

Prof NK Goyal, Chairman Emeritus, TEMA, said: “TEMA is focused on nation building through telecom. We are proud to see that TEMA 6G Council would be led by one of the most respected technocrat, BK Syngal. Together with him, TEMA is committed to make India one of leaders in world for 6G with support from the Government, and the other stakeholders."