Telecom Secretary Inaugurates the Public Procurement Policy Portal

The telecom secretary, K. Rajaraman, inaugurated the Public Procurement Policy (Make In India) portal for Telecom Products.

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The telecom secretary, K. Rajaraman, launched the Public Procurement Policy (Make In India) portal for Telecom Products. The portal will help OEMs, Vendors, and other stakeholders to register and track their complaints.

Public Procurement Policy Portal Launched

This week, the telecom secretary visited the Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC), along with DCC Member Deepak Chaturvedi, Member (Services), and other senior officials of the DoT. The latest portal will allow stakeholders to register and keep track of their grievances.

He also released the technical report on "Emerging Communication Technologies and Use Cases in IoT Domain", a concept paper on "Optical Fibre & Cable in Indian Telecom Network", and "TEC Handbook - 2021", documented by IoT, Regional TECs, and RC Division of TEC, respectively.

Along with the Public Procurement Policy portal, the DoT secretary also inaugurated the Nationwide MTCTE Helpdesk and Evaluation Centre infrastructure and Control Lab, situated in TEC premises.

Rajaraman congratulated TEC officers on their efforts and insisted on a collaborative approach while making guidelines for a product. He asked TEC officials to keep customers' needs and protection in mind while doing so. He stated that TEC, being a technical body, can be a center for learning for younger officers and may become an incubation center for startups in long run.

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