Tech Mahindra Collaborate With ChampTrax Technologies

Tech Mahindra and ChampTrax Technologies collaborate to develop a solution to create stadium like-experience at home for global sports fans.

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Tech Mahindra and ChampTrax Technologies collaborate to develop a solution to create stadium like-experience at home for global sports fans. Through this partnership, Tech Mahindra and ChampTrax Technologies will provide a solution to herald the next generation fan and player engagement leveraging digital and virtual technologies.


Jagdish Mitra, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Growth, Tech Mahindra, said, “We have been specifically focused on technologies that will enable experiences during COVID and after COVID world. Sports with a live fan experience is something that we will miss now for a while.

Tech Mahindra’s sports vertical leveraging our 5G experience will enhance the fan experience globally.

This strategic partnership with ChampTrax Technologies will give us an opportunity to bring the best of both the worlds and help sports fans adjust to the new normal.“


Tech Mahindra and ChampTrax Technologies will also work on 5G related use cases for introducing holographic virtual fans to the stadium.

As part of the collaboration, Tech Mahindra will also support ChampTrax Technologies to reach wider markets and audiences for the HearMeCheer solution that aggregates “crowd noise” from at-home spectators real-time, during live games played in fan-free stadiums and venues.

Manish Upadhyay, Head Sports Technology Vertical, Tech Mahindra, said, “Tech Mahindra and ChampTrax will develop a joint solution to support the revival of sports clubs post the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sports technology is one of the focused business for us at Tech Mahindra, and we strongly believe that technology will play a critical role to enable sports clubs to ensure the wellness of fans, staff, and players globally.“

‘HearMeCheer’ solution by Champtrax Technologies combines audio through proprietary algorithms that weigh each household and enable users to yell loudly and not overpower the audio stream.

As the audience watches a game with the web app it automatically sends microphone data that aggregates these sounds to create a single audio stream effect of a unified crowd integrated into real-time broadcasts.


Elias Andersen, Founder of Sports Tech Business, Champtrax Technologies, said – “We are very excited to partner with Tech Mahindra and this gives us a huge opportunity to serve their existing and potential customer at such critical times.

HearMeCheer is a great solution for close door games and we are keen to take it to market with Tech Mahindra.”

As part of the TechMNxt charter, Tech Mahindra is committed to creating a partner ecosystem to deliver enhanced cutting-edge next-generation technologies like Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, 5G, and Internet of Things, to disrupt and enable digital transformation, to build cutting-edge technology solutions and services for customers globally.