The decision of providing free access to technical documentation and specification has fulfilled the long pending demand.

TEC framed specifications & technical documentations are now available for free reference

TEC – the technical arm of the Department of Telecom, which is responsible for making telecom standards – has decided to provide free access to specifications and technical documentation prepared by it.

It should be noted that providing free access to the most valuable technical standards shall be useful in accelerating the promotion of the knowledge of telecom technology as well as domestic manufacturing along with public procurement preference to make in India.

TEC is responsible for making standards called Generic Requirements (GRS), Interface Requirements (IR), Essential Requirements (ERs) for various telecom products, networks, systems and services to be deployed in the Indian Telecom Network, on the basis of International Standards.

TEC is also the certifying authority for conformance to Essential Requirements of the ICT equipment being used in the Indian Territory. TEC is also making standards for new technologies like AI, M2M, IoT, Smart Cities, etc.

The Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India (TEMA) believes that the decision of making the documentation freely available, taken by the Secretary of DOT, Anshu Prakash, and Sr DDG TEC, U K Srivastava, is a historic decision that was long pending demand.

Commenting on this decision, Ravi Sharma, Chairman TEMA, said, “Innovation is the key to self-reliance. This decision of TEC goes well with PM’s Mission of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, Make in India, as industries would be able to use the specifications, ER, GR, IR, etc. freely to fasten the innovation and R&D projects.”

Prof N K Goyal, Chairman Emeritus, TEMA, said “The decision of providing free access to technical documentation and specification has fulfilled the long pending demand. It also accomplished the stated vision of TEC i.e. – TEC shall leverage its status as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Telecom to position India as a ‘Lead Telecom Knowledge and Manufacturing Hub’ of Asia-Pacific Nations by driving Telecom Standards, Manufacturing Support and Network Building skill sets in the interests of this region and market.”

TEC has recently transposed and approved as National Standard, the 3GPP standards (same as Recommendations ITU-R M.2012-4) by TSDSI, as an organizational partner of 3GPP has transposed. These radio interface standards detail the features and parameters of IMT-Advanced like compatibility, international roaming, and access to high-speed data services.

According to B K Syngal, Chairman TEMA 6G Council, this step of EC for the free flow of technical standards will stimulate the industry in research, design, testing, manufacturing etc.

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