TDN launches flexible broadband tariff plan

V&D Bureau
New Update

Tikona Digital Networks (TDN) has introduced a comprehensively categorized broadband tariff plans to cater to a variety of broadband internet users.


TDN subscribers can now avail more speed in three broad-based categories, heavy usage, no GB restrictions and no speed downgrade, medium usage of 5GB to 20GB/month and Light usage of upto 10GB/month.

TDN's choicest price list has been customized as per usage trends observed across subscribers in 25 Tier I and II cities . This is the first of its kind in the broadband market in India.

"Tikona caters to a large broadband audience with plans ranging from 300 Kbps to 4 Mbps. India is and will remain a rapidly growing broadband market due to a meager 4 percent household broadband penetration at present and the ease of reaching an end user without a complex wireline infrastructure offers a distinct advantage for a wireless broadband company like TDN, said Heramb Ranade, chief marketing officer, Tikona Digital Networks.

Unlimited 4 Mbps plan cost Rs 1,499 per month, very high fair usage policy (FUP) with entitlement of 80GB. In the medium usage category: (5 GB to 20GB per month) guaranteed bill limit; 4 Mbps at Rs 849 per month, 5GB FUP and 2 Mbps at Rs 599 per month 10GB FUP; and highest secondary speed of 1 Mbps and 512 Kbps post FUP respectively. In the light usage category: (40 GB for 6 months, 125 GB for 12 months) bill free prepaid plan and 6 paisa per MB in the 125GB/12 months plan at Rs 7,999.