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TATA’s TAL aids Robotics & Automation Lab setup at IIT Ropar

NEW DELHI: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar recently inked a pact with TAL Manufacturing Solutions to set up and create a Robotics & Automation Lab at the institute, to conduct various industrial activities, promote employment and skill development opportunities, and para-professional training courses, under the ambit of IIT Ropar.

TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited, a TATA Enterprise, is a 100% subsidiary of TATA Motors.

This MoU is expected to facilitate the setup of Robotics and Automation Lab, which will give insights from industry perspective to assist in designing syllabus/curriculum for the Robotics and Automation Course.

Also, the lab aims at facilitating collaboration to promote research/continuing education activities between IIT Ropar & TAL. The scope of the MoU also involves promoting mutual interest in the field of Robotics and Industrial Automation, further encouraging special training in Robotics and Automation to the students of IIT Ropar.

Commenting on this collaboration, Prof Sarit K Das, Director IIT Ropar said, “Creating Robotics & Automation Lab at IIT Ropar will definitely work in the direction of fundamental research in robotics, and develop an array of robots and robotic systems that can be deployed in a variety of natural environments. Robotics is important also from the national perspectives of disaster management and medical applications.”

IIT Ropar has set up a Robotic centre called ‘PUNJRobotics’ to coordinate local activities in robotics and also to link up with regional, national and international activities contributing in advancing world robotics.

Prof Das indicated that two PUNJRobotics studios would come-up in IIT Ropar, where high energy robots such as industrial, defense and agricultural robot applications and low energy robots such as service robots where close human-robot interaction is essential will be worked upon.

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