Tata Communications IoT network ignites launch of IP Gas pre-paid smart gas metering system

Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), has awarded Genesis Gas Solutions for the roll-out of its pre-paid smart gas metering system. The new smart meters supplied

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Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), has awarded Genesis Gas Solutions for the roll-out of its pre-paid smart gas metering system. The new smart meters supplied by Genesis Gas Solutions in partnership with Tata Communications’ LoRaWANInternet of Things (IoT)network will enable its customers to monitor their gas use more accurately in real-time against available credit and pave the way for greater operational efficiency for IGL.


This is the first time that this technology is being deployed by any CGD (City Gas Distribution) company in the country. Tata Communications already has an establishedLoRaWANnetwork in Delhi NCR, which has now been extended to Rewari.

As the first stage of deployment,5,000 pre-paid Genesis smart gas meters have been installed in Rewari by IGL. Underpinning this isTata Communications’ IoT infrastructure based on an ultra-low-power, long-range LoRaWAN- a network that has been specifically designed for IoT devices such as smart meters. Thanks to the low energy consumption of LoRaWAN, smart meters for gas usage can be installed independent of the main power source – with a battery life of up to 10 years.

This has helped IGL overcome some of the key limitations of using existing post-paid technology solutions such as locked premises, estimated/wrong billing, reversal of bills and tampering of meters.


“Tata Communications’ IoT network enabled pre-paid smart meters will help enhance the relationship between us as a utility supplier and our customers” saidE.S.Ranganathan, Managing Director, Indraprastha Gas Limited. Commenting on IGL’s experience through the installation of first 5000 pre-paid meters, he said “by implementing this smart metering solution, we have been able to eliminate human errors caused by manual meter reading, optimise capacity planning and improve cash flows.”

“Technology advancements such as IoT are laying the foundation of Digital India and the future is smart. Smart metering is gathering pace in the energy market, boosting efficiencies and enhancing customer experience,” said VS Shridhar, Senior Vice President and Head for Internet of Things, Tata Communications. “Furthermore, when underpinned by the right IoT platform, and connected with other solutions in a smart city, they could pave the way for additional value-added services for the benefit of consumers, businesses, and society as a whole.”

Tata Communications is building the foundation for IoT in India with the world's largest LoRaWANnetwork, spanning nearly 2,000 communities and touching over 400 million people in total. To-date, the company has rolled out the LoRaWAN network in 45 cities, with more cities planned for implementation over the next two years.