TAIPA and Telecom Infrastructure

TAIPA: Telecom Infra Ops and Maintenance Running Smoothly

TAIPA said that crucial maintenance and operations of telecom infrastructure is going on smoothly in spite of curfews across the country.

TAIPA Committed to Keeping India Connected

Pointing to last year’s nationwide lockdown, TAIPA said that it has implemented many new practices and processes to counter any issues posed by the curfews and lockdowns.

The association also reached out to Centre and various states to address some of the issues early on. As per TR Dua DG, TAIPA, this led to timely action and outcomes. “This time we are better prepared in so far as processes are concerned, and we took immediate timely action thinking COVID wave is likely to be more stronger,” he added.

Since last year saw a gargantuan increase in demand of data, telcos and tower companies have added 65,000 new towers, Dua noted.

Dua noted that there might be “little bit of slowdown in new installations” in the immediate short term due to surge in COVID cases. He added that the momentum will pick up from May onwards. This is because of the vaccination drive opening up to a larger population. Secondly, the surge in data consumption will not reduce, and that makes it a necessity.

Dua also informed on TIAPA’s outreach program. He noted that the association reached out to its members and circle heads, to ensure contingency plans were in place. He also informed about a dashboard which tracks 8-9 key parameters for ground activities. These include personnel movement, diesel availability, support and coercive action required and so on.

Telecom Infra Work Going on Despite Restrictions

Dua pointed out that issues will keep coming here and there. However, due to their outreach program, “there has been continuous flow of information, so movement of technicians and field personnel has not been prohibited”.

He also added, “things are moving smoothly for now”.

TAIPA sought DoT’s support earlier on, to ensure round-the-clock connectivity. The association sought the following requirements

  1. Unrestricted movement of field staff and technicians for accessing telecom tower sites,
  2. Diesel availability for telecom tower sites,
  3. Safety and security of telecom personnel/technicians, among others.


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