Syniverse to power Vodafone's messaging hub

VoicenData Bureau
New Update

Syniverse announced that it has signed an agreement with Vodafone India , to power its messaging hub , which will route international SMS messages into India, aligning message delivery with the requirements of mobile number portability.


The hub is designed to provide SMS reach for operators outside of India to the country’s more than 950 million mobile subscribers.

'With a growing footprint in India, strong messaging expertise from providing services to leading operators and enterprises worldwide, plus unmatched service reliability, Syniverse is uniquely positioned to enable this hub,' said Alfred de Cardenas,chief operating officer,Syniverse.

He further said that 'We are pleased to support Vodafone India on this project, which will help operators worldwide optimize their SMS delivery into one of the world’s largest mobile markets.'


The hub will ensure messages sent from international users are delivered to their contacts in India, complying with all regulations from the India Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and Telecoms Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for SMS routing into the country.

The messages will be delivered via Vodafone India’s network and Syniverse will be providing the core functionality to the hub, including message routing plus advanced online reporting with invoicing platform.

Naveen Chopra,director -Vodafone Business Services at Vodafone India said “We look forward to launching this new messaging offering that will help mobile users worldwide seamlessly connect to users in India.

'Syniverse and Vodafone India have built a strong relationship over the past three years, with Syniverse providing the operator vital data clearing, financial clearing and anti-fraud solutions,' said Sanjay Kasturia, India vice president, Syniverse.

He further said, 'We look forward to growing this relationship with a focus on propelling Vodafone India’s business and driving optimal mobile experiences for end users across India.'