Swiggy, UberEats pose nuisance to a school in Chennai

Swiggy and UberEats might lose a few potential delivery assignments, that too at prime hours. This is a classic case of convenience to one turning as a nuisance to another. Last week, a well-recognized CBSE school in Chennai had come down heavily on parents who relied on Swiggy and UberEats Apps to deliver lunch to their respective wards.

The school has now passed a rule objecting parents to not opt for app-based delivery of food during lunch hours. There were two reasons cited here by the school to pass this rule. Primarily, the schools believe that parents are neglecting their wards in serving home cooked-nutritious food and another reason is the school’s security.

What matters to us here is security. The school has certainly felt that the delivery boys are causing a nuisance by entering the school premises posing a risk to students and staff members. The school’s management authorities cited that they felt they were risking heavily in letting unknown, random boys into the school campus.

This is certainly suggestive to Swiggy or UberEats and other delivery apps to have a thorough periodic check on the delivery boys’ character and behavior. As there seems to be a growing concern about security in neighborhoods and communities, why would a trusted App-based organization fail to lose its credibility in important markets based on any untoward incidents?


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