How Swiggy was able to take on Foodpanda?

Think of your life before ten years and imagine that you are starving, tired and wish to eat something. So, probably you would move to the desired place and satisfy your hunger there or you would have ordered via call and went there to pick it up. Right? Would you be able to order food and get it delivered to your doorstep without moving then? Obviously not! But be happy as you can now! With multiple of online food delivering applications available today, ordering mouth-watering food online is not at all cumbersome anymore. And out of those Swiggy and Food panda are the most popular ones among users. What makes them this famous and which one is better of the two? By this time, these questions must have been on your mind. Both of them are unique in their own ways but Swiggy takes over Foodpanda in this quest as it offers numerous better features and is unbeatable in terms of delivery and reliability.

Why is Swiggy a better option?

Customer satisfaction is the key to success and this Bengaluru based online food delivery app- Swiggy has been a live example of this belief. Undoubtedly there are several food delivery apps available today, then why do most of the people use and trust Swiggy a lot? Well, It is the incredibility and efficiency along with some of amazing swiggy coupons like flat 25% cashback to help the customers’ save on orders and as well to lure them; is what keeps it one step ahead of its competitors and the most amazing part is you get so many advanced services and features on this app that are hard to find on that of others. The speedier you are the better you will be, Swiggy is known for its quick delivery facility that gives it a competitive edge as well. Let us dive deep into this discussion:

  • No Minimum Order Policy

Swiggy is the best for anything and everything you wish to order! Here one can order for as smaller amount as desired as there are no minimum order value restrictions imposed on customers. While when it comes to FoodPanda, you can order only once your order value has crossed the minimum transaction value limits. And this feature works wonderfully for customers as they can order whatever they want to and get that served at their doorstep in no time.

  • More Reliable and Fast

Ordering food online is not just about comfort and discounts, besides that it focuses on the ease and convenience one experiences while using the service. If the online food ordering service was too complex and chaotic, you would prefer going to a restaurant then. Won’t you? But relax as Swiggy has got the most phenomenal app one could ever use , it is super easy, reliable, quick and awesome to order through it. So, why would anyone choose other apps? Moreover the Swiggy app is embedded with so many exciting features that aren’t available on most of the other food ordering apps. On the other side, FoodPanda’s app is not at all speedy to use, it does have some nice features but when compared it doesn’t beat Swiggy.

  • Ride Tracker

Don’t you feel super curious between the moment you placed the order and till the time the actual delivery is made? Everyone feels so! You wish to know the exact location of where your tasty food actually is, and with Swiggy it is possible to know the same. You can easily track the location of the your order by using the ride tracker option provided on the app. Foodpanda doesn’t had any such feature and moreover keeping a record of previous orders is quite tough on FoodPanda as compared to the spectacular app- Swiggy.

  • Multiple Filters

Choosing the perfect fit from uncountable options would have been a tough task if we weren’t blessed with the filter feature on our side. With Swiggy, you can opt for these multiple filters like you can filter restaurants on the basis of the cuisine you are looking to order, budget, and delivery location and so on. Once you have applied these filters, you can check up restaurants that go hand in hand with your requirements. Well, FoodPanda lacks here too and does not have any such facility.

  • Swiggy Express

While you travel, what do you prefer? Slow moving passenger trains or super -fast expresses? Obviously expresses get more attention and love as they are way faster than the former ones. The website along with swiggy app is up with one more marvelous feature-Swiggy express that allows you to get your food within 15-20 minutes from the order time. Now this sounds extraordinary and it definitely is! FoodPanda is way beyond this feature as the normal delivery time it takes is more than 45 minutes, so how come such fast delivery? And this is one of the most basic reasons that why swiggy has been successful in ruling over the industry.

  • Fast Delivery

Why do you order food? To eat, that’s sure. But till what time you can wait for having that food? Now, this is the real question. There is no point of opting for an online delivery service that delivers your food in 70 minutes. Till that time, you might turn into a hound. Well with Swiggy, this is not going to happen as it has a commendable delivery team that delivers your order in maximum 37 minutes. But with Foodpanda you need to learn the art of patience as it takes too much time to deliver with 45 minutes being the minimum time taken by the app.

The Ultimate Quest

Now, which app will be best for you depend on certain factors. What as per you is the most significant feature an online food delivery app must embody? What do customers mostly look for? Both the apps have their benefits and shortcomings too but which one is the greatest is a matter of choice. Foodpanda has larger number of restaurants and offers more discounts than Swiggy but has a slow service and poor app convenience as compared to Swiggy. Swiggy don’t provide offers and discounts like Foodpanda but it do offers an impeccable service equipped with fantastic features. As far as user experiences are given preference it won’t be unfair to say that Swiggy really has taken over Foodpanda in terms of service and customer value.

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