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Stratbeans introduces chatbot-based Virtual Personal Assistant to upskill corporate employees

According to a recent Forrester survey, about 85 percent of customer interactions within an enterprise will be with software robots in five years’ time and 87 percent of CEOs are looking to expand their AI workforce using AI bots.

In line with this trend, learning management solutions provider Stratbeans has introduced its Chatbot-based learning leveraging the power of AI to help upskill employees in the corporate world.

High attrition industries such as Healthcare, IT, Telecom, Finance, E-commerce, and Retail are some of the early adopters of new-age technology.  Stratbeans says its solution will help enterprises to reduce resource costs, improve the employee learning curve and drive productivity.

Employee training plays an integral role in driving the growth of an organization. However, with the limited time and availability of the L&D team, it could become a daunting task for some businesses. With the introduction of Chatbots-based learning, Stratbeans intends to empower employees with a knowledgeable and personalized assistant at no further resource cost.

With its expertise, Stratbeans wants to make a huge difference by allowing employees to connect with all the information sources and pool data in such a way that critical tasks can be performed with the help of chatbots.

Prasoon Nigam, CTO & Co-founder, Stratbeans stated, “Chatbot has become the new UI for modern interaction, as people are getting comfortable with numerous chatbots and voicebots like Alexa. Chatbot can cover various L&D scenarios much better than traditional ways. It is being used for providing personalized microlearning, to giving out interactive assessments, to providing the right set of information to an employee as he performs a task. These are initial days, but we are certain to see more prolific chatbot scenarios in the near future. In fact, we are working on some advanced chatbot offerings to solve complex challenges in eLearning”

Commenting on the development, Pradeip Agarwal, VP – Marketing & Co-founder, Stratbeans, stated, “Poor communication within organizations is a major cause of losses in productivity and performance. Chatbot-based learning will open up a world of better communication, possessing the capability to deliver personalized and utility-based content, bots help in the segregation of information and, consequently, cater to the needs of the employees”.

Chatbots are a great way to reinforce training in the workplace. Besides being more engaging than emails, workbooks, and other traditional reinforcement tools, Chatbots offer the following key benefits:

  • Quick introduction of products to the market –with information being made available to all stakeholders in real-time, Stratbeans’ chatbot-based learning allows companies to seamlessly introduce new products in the market.
  • Quick introduction of employees into the workforce –HR chatbots make the onboarding process seamless, and thereby, help the mandatory induction training become more effective.

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