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STL launches 6912 fibre count Celesta intelligently bonded ribbon cable

STL has launched the Celesta Ribbon Optical Fibre Cable, an intelligently bonded ribbon, at the recently-held FTTH Europe Virtual Conference 2020. With Celesta, STL will continue to deliver innovative solutions to build next-gen networks in India, and across the world.

Networks have new imperatives such as densification, deep fiberisation, vendor neutralisation and edge computing. Operators need to roll out future-ready, high capacity networks, at a fast pace. This translates into a need to put more fibre in the already available duct infrastructure, and requires considerable de-skilling of field installations, to speed up deployments.

STL designed the Celesta ribbon cable, a high-density optical fibre cable, with a capacity of up to 6912 optical fibres. This innovative design combines robust performance for duct installations with the productivity of high-count mass fusion splicing.

The result is a 26% slimmer cable as compared to traditional loose tube cables with the same fibre count. Its compact, blow optimised design allows for efficient duct space utilization, enabling operators to install up to 2000 meters of cable in less than one hour’s time.

This, combined with a host of new features like bend insensitive G.657.A2 fibre, contra helical binding, and gel-free water blocking, makes Celesta a truly installer friendly cable.

Network operators can now reduce roll-out time, optimise duct space utilisation, reduce the size of passive network infrastructure and improve network performance resulting in as much as 32% savings in the overall investment, thereby enabling them to roll out 5G future-ready networks efficiently.

Phill Coppin, STL, said: “We believe the Celesta Ribbon Optical Fibre Cable is an ideal product for the new normal, which will be characterised by accelerated network rollouts and seamless user experience. STL has been a pioneer when it comes to introducing the latest technologies in fibre networks.”

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