Spice Digital modifies brand identity to DiGiSPICE

Spice Digital has revamped its brand identity to DiGiSPICE. As part of the rebranding, it has merged all of its business units and international operations across geographies such as the Middle-East, Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia under the DiGiSPICE brand. The company has also undertaken extensive employee re-orientation to help them understand what the brand stands for.

The move is aimed at reflecting the company’s continued evolution as a digital leader over the last 18 years, as well as its focus on utilizing its extensive expertise in new-age technologies to deliver impactful digital solutions. Post the revamp, DiGiSPICE also aims to make greater headway into emerging cutting-edge domains such as Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Big Data, Data Analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) etc.

Speaking about the need for the brand revamp, Dilip Modi – Founder & Chairman, DiGiSPICE, said, “With several major technological advancements having completely transformed the global business ecosystem, organizations across industries find themselves at a curious crossroads. They realize that they need to be ready for a digitally-led, digitally-driven future, but lack the specialized expertise to do so. This is where we come into the picture. Our brand revamp is aimed at reaffirming our digital-first strategy and highlighting the pioneering work that we have been doing, not just in India but on a global stage, as a cohesive business unit guided by a singular vision.”

Leveraging its core capabilities in engineering, analytics, and automation, DiGiSPICE enables customers to easily reinvent products, operations, and business models, while helping to build a strong digital ecosystem for brands and organizations across various sectors. Its in-depth knowledge of digital domains, acute technical insights, customer-first approach, and agile service delivery have enabled the company to achieve industry leadership across segments.

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