Spectranet launches 100 mbps internet service

NEW DELHI: India’s broadband services provider Spectranet has launches 100 mbps internet services at an affordable price of Rs 1199 for its customers. The company is currently offering this service in Gurgaon along with a never-before no-obligation 3-month trial offer, with plans to replicate the same across the country.

“This is a first for India. Never before has such abundant symmetric bandwidth (100 Mbps) been provided at such an affordable price (Rs 1199) with no caps on data download usage. There is no reductions in bandwidth speeds after customers reach an arbitrary data download limit, making the service ‘Truly Unlimited’,” the company claimed.

“And this abundant bandwidth is provided symmetrically – remaining the same for upload and download, thereby reflecting the fact that netizens today are active participators in the internet and not just passive users – they create, curate and consume content,” it said.

“The three-month experience will enable people, who today are suffering from abysmal bandwidth speeds (spending more time for the data to download, than actually surfing the internet), to understand and experience the paradigm shift of what it is like to have a truly-world-class internet service,” a statement said.

“Every feature of this service from Spectranet reflects its ambition to be an innovative and disruptive technology company, dedicatedly working to advance the lives of the people in urban India by creating and delivering the best internet service,” said Udit Mehrotra, MD & CEO, Spectranet.

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