The new Extended Talent Center will operate out of Ness’s current location in Mindspace, Hyderabad. The company will grow its workforce

S&P Global taps Ness Digital Engineering expertise to establish India Talent Center

A new Extended Talent Center will soon come up in Hyderabad, India. Ness Digital Engineering is partnering with S&P Global to develop this center.

With this collaboration, Ness Digital Engineering, a provider of digital transformation and custom software engineering services, says the company will build on its decade-long partnership with S&P Global.

The new Extended Talent Center will expand S&P Global’s software delivery capabilities through a center of excellence that further accelerates software development and testing services and provides flexibility to support additional engineering demands.

The new Extended Talent Center will operate out of Ness’s current location in Mindspace, Hyderabad. The company will grow its workforce, adding approximately 200 highly-talented engineers over the next six months to support S&P Global’s business needs.

To help create the new Center, Ness says it will build and manage project teams, bolstering S&P Global’s ability to address business needs and opportunities in a highly-agile manner. Based on demand, S&P Global will continue to collaborate with Ness to help support its growing technology needs across areas such as order to cash, legacy system modernization, cloud migration, and platform and data as a service from an engineering execution perspective.

“For more than 10 years, S&P Global has partnered closely with Ness Digital Engineering to establish industry-leading solutions,” said Marcus Daley, CTO Ratings Technology, S&P Global. “Over the course of our relationship, Ness has developed a deep understanding of our business, technology operations and software applications. As a result, the Ness team can immediately help us facilitate the productivity of additional talent at this new Center.”

“Ness and S&P Global have a strong, proven track record cultivating talented teams that provide strategic value,” said Paul Lombardo, Ness Digital Engineering CEO. “The new Extended Talent Center is a testimony to our partnership, which began more than 10 years ago. Together, Ness and S&P Global built the Orion Center, a 700+ member team, which S&P Global effectively leverages to deliver enhanced technology and innovation capabilities for its clients. We look forward to continuing to contribute to S&P Global’s success with the creation of this new Center.

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