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Silico Sapiens

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super humans. That’s a dream of the scientist cult. And being a superman is a fantasy

almost every child possesses. Is this possible? Yes, then how? In plain language, it would

mean improving brain power. And improving it through machines that have intelligence. Mind

boggling or bungling! This brings about a new dimension to the man versus machine

arbitration that computers (intelligent machines) will take over the world. The

machine-in-man combo existence. And open up a new world. A world of true

"two-way" communication between man and machine.

Linking technology with humans

physically and mentally. That is what Prof. Kevin Warwick, the 44-year-old professor of

cybernetics (the science relating humans and technology) from the University of Reading is

aiming at. He is considered to be the world’s first cyborg. He had a silicon

transponder implanted in his left forearm in August 1998 which is about 3 mm in diameter

and one inch long, consisting of an electromagnetic coil and three silicon chips, which is

the core for the intelligence. Whenever a radio signal from sensors outside the body was

transmitted to the chip, it generated a 64-bit signal, making Prof. Warwick to switch on

his computer, lights, open doors, and do many more things.

Are such transplants good or bad

for mankind? The controversy will keep raging. Just like the invention of the atom bomb.

Success of such implants can help fight diseases in a big way. As these can remotely

control different elements triggering ailments. And are also likely to carry various data

like medical history, local demography, etc. And it may eventually make interconnection of

the nervous system with a computer a possibility. Which would mean a signal sent from the

nervous system to the computer will make the system boot on. Think of a website and the

site opens ... Does this all signal a counter to the so-called phobia of a machine world,

machines creating a human zoo ... At least so feels the cyborg Warwick.