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Sify drives WAN Transformation for enterprises

By Indar Pal Khurana

Businesses are facing an unprecedented level of digital disruption; the ever rising popularity and the worldwide permeation of social media and mobile technologies along with the accelerated adoption of cloud computing systems by businesses, is forcing companies to reassess and redesign their current Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructures. To support business growth in the coming decade, next generation of Enterprise WAN systems must be created and deployed today.

This is where Sify has stepped in and used its years of experience in network and cloud services to create a new transformational approach to redesign the existing WAN landscape WAN Transformation.

WAN transformation can be defined as ‘the process of enabling organizations to transit from its widely disparate and hybrid networks to an integrated cloud enabled networking platform, where new approaches powered by the cloud technology drives substantial business benefits.’

Why do enterprises need WAN transformation?

Organizations are facing several complications and difficulties with their current network landscape. These network related challenges- dealing with multiple network providers for separate voice and data networks, keeping up with latest technological upgrades, minimizing the risk of technological obsolescence, plugging security gaps and controlling infrastructure and operational costs – can be easily overcome by transforming into a fully managed cloud-enabled WAN system.

Hence with Sify’s WAN Transformation Services, Enterprises & IT Teams can now focus on business outcomes, efficiency and profitability, rather than on operational issues.

How does Sify deliver these enhanced network benefits?

Sify is in a unique position to deliver these benefits, since we understand networks inside-out. Sify is a core-technology company and we enjoy solving technical challenges.

Having successfully built India’s largest MPLS network and implemented complex transformation project in diverse industry verticals, Sify is set apart from traditional system integrators who mainly deploy some network management tools and are body-shops offering low-skilled manpower to organizations to handle mundane day-to-day activities.

Sify’s WAN transformation approach is to understand the customer’s business, then assess and derive a network architecture which delivers the desired business outcomes. This is followed by detailed discussions with our clients to ensure we jointly implement key steps of the transformative process – Consolidation, Billing Optimization, Security Assessment, Inventory Management and Operations.

What are the business benefits for enterprises?

Enterprise WAN in its transformed state creates a connectivity framework which offers complete flexibility along with highly available service and hassle free management. Needless to say, cost benefits are a natural outcome of such transformation.

The ultimate success of the WAN transformation will depend directly on the capabilities and experience of the technology partner driving the process; the right partner is not just a link provider but is an enabler of enterprise-wide IT transformation.

As the most successful Enterprise WAN service provider in the country, Sify understands what businesses need from their WANs. With a service portfolio that cuts across data center, network, cloud, application and technology integration, Sify is perfectly placed to undertake the transformation of your WAN.

Indar Pal Khurana is VP, Domestic Data Business- Telecom Services at Sify

Indar Pal Khurana


(Author of this article, Indar Pal Khurana is VP, Domestic Data Business- Telecom Services at Sify)



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