Semtech uses LoRAWAN

Semtech’s LoRa devices leverage cloud to increase utility efficiency

Semtech Corp. announced that a state-of-the-art metering solution based on Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol, has been developed as part of the MeDa project for one of Germany’s leading energy companies with Seluxit, a leading developer of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The MeDa meter leverages LoRaWAN’s advantages for smart metering to enable consumers to change wasteful energy habits and save money.

“Seluxit chose Semtech’s LoRa platform due to the number of significant advantages the platform provides for the smart metering vertical market,” said Daniel Lux, co-founder and CEO at Seluxit.

“LoRaWAN-based connectivity allows our customers to more closely monitor utility consumption in real time. After installing one of our LoRaWAN-based smart metering solutions, like the MeDa meter, customers typically get insight into their energy consumption patterns, which enables them to change appliances and/or habits to see a reduction in energy waste and total cost. As a global supplier for the smart metering market, Seluxit is committed to providing solutions that reduce energy waste and create more sustainable energy grids worldwide.”

The deployment of the MeDa smart meter across Germany is increasing following the rollout that began in November of 2018, with several hundred thousand units of the total 6.4 million currently planned for deployment. The MeDa meter leverages LoRaWAN-based solutions from Seluxit to provide real-time data monitoring of energy usage and proven connectivity to the cloud for long-range data transfer.

Additionally, Seluxit’s LoRaWAN modem encrypts all data transfers as an element of compliance with Germany’s data security and privacy regulations. The meter’s long range capabilities allow end users to monitor energy usage remotely, even in large high-rise buildings. By closely monitoring energy consumption, customers can change wasteful energy habits and reduce their energy-related spending.

The MeDa smart meter solution uses a LoRaWAN-based protocol stack that not only leverages LoRa modulation for long range, but also utilizes FSK modulation for shorter distance transmission at a higher data rate. This is possible due to the versatility of the Semtech hardware. The higher data rate provides the end user even more detailed information about their energy consumption.

“LoRaWAN is quickly becoming the de facto leader for IoT, and its long range, low power and ease of integration into existing infrastructure are clear advantages in the smart metering space,” said Marc Pegulu, VP of IoT for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. “For developers and system integrators, LoRaWAN simplifies development and accelerates IoT applications to market.”

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