Face Recognition Enabled Biometric System

SECUREYE Unveils S-FB3K Face Recognition Enabled Biometric System

Secureye has recently introduced S-FB3K Face Recognition enabled Biometric Device. The growth of Biometrics in India is projected to be huge on account of the proliferated uses of biometric devices in public as well as government institutions.

The company understands the need for enhanced security and to authenticate the access to confidential data which has made the use of biometric devices mandatory for better performance of every organization.

This S-FB3K Face Recognition device sport latest 600 DPI High-Resolution Optical Sensor and professional access control. For Better end-to-end communicationinterface device comeswith standard Wi-Fi, Transmission Control and Internet Protocol.

This device has a Fingerprint capacity of 1000 and a log record up to 1, 00,000. Equipped withHi-Res panoramic infrared camera the device has advance Intelligence adaptation function.

The device’s system is designed to make networks reliable with the ability to recover automatically from the failure of device on the network, which makes it unique in this segment.

There is a great shift in security and surveillance space and the technology has evolved manifolds throughout the decades.

Secureye understands the key challenges standing in the way of market growth that the fear of privacy intrusion and high cost of systems are greatly impacting end users. Thus, the price of this gem is INR 5000 + GST

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