Sagoon social smart card for Indian consumers

NEW DELHI: US-based Sagoon, which develops global web and mobile platform, has launched Sagoon Social Smart Card, an online credit card for Indian consumers.

The card comes with an entry point offering with a $5 sign up reward. It is built around the idea of creating a “One Card for All” — for shopping, gifting and even for sharing company’s revenue with every single user.

The ‘Card’ will work for soft money transactions as well. First-time users will receive Sagoon Social Smart Card on their profile or ‘ME’ page.

Sagoon, which is a 10-month-old Internet company developing a global web and mobile platform that allows users to connect, share and earn, has acquired more than 150,000 registered users within six months of launch, with more than 500,000 messages and stories in pictures shared.

Social Smart Card has an increasing value model: the more users consume Sagoon, the more cash gets added to their very own card. Sharing secrets, celebrating occasions, or simply using Sagoon will put more money into Social Smart Card, a release said.

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