Robots Alive intros robot powered by smartphone technology

V&D Bureau
New Update

Robots Alive, an emerging Robotics and Automation Solutions company has announced the launch of 'Andy,' a personal smart robot enabled by the intelligence of a smartphone or any smart device at affordable prices.


Andy is a robotic device which can drive around by being controlled by a mobile phone connected physically to the robot. The mobile phone communicates to the robot through the audio cable. Any software which can run on the mobile phone and utilize the audio therefore can be programmed to drive the robot.

The company has designed 'Andy' to educate students on robotics and electronics and also to provide a source of entertainment. Andy comes with two models - a Tank and an Off Roader.

"Personal robots till date have been unaffordable due to the high costs of the hardware involved. However, we fail to see that the same hardware exist in the smart devices available today. Utilizing the power of these devices, we can make intelligent robots highly affordable for individuals!" states Abheek Bose, Andy's creator.

Andy aims to partner with Andy Developer Community. In the coming months developers can create their own apps to enable Andy with more features and release them.

Abheek believes, "Considering the excitement and enthusiasm around robotics in the youth today, Andy has enormous potential to be a robot for everyone. Currently Andy is available for sale in its own online store. The near future plans are to make Andy available in third party online stores and large format retail outlets. The company is also looking to tie up with partners all over India to promote and conduct workshops for enthusiasts in the field of Robotics powered by Smart phone technology."