Reservations exist because of issues like unionized workforces in many countries

VoicenData Bureau
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What are the most pressing issues Indian telecom companies are facing

today, and what do you have to offer them to mitigate the issues?

The most pressing issues for telecom operators are tough competition, and

increasing capex and opex. To counter this we have provided solutions to telecom

biggies for process re-engineering.


We help clients re-engineer the billing processes. We offer consultation

services on off-shoring to optimize the operations. We also offer consultation

services on how much of operations and which part of operations an operator can

actually offshore to reduce its opex.

We have revenue management solutions from the BPO perspective for increasing

revenue by removing leakages caused by process inefficiency. We have network

access cost management solutions for helping operators deal with issues like

network access cost, data management, etc, in the area of providing roaming

connectivity through another telecom operator's network in other countries.

What's your advice to Indian telecom operators, especially when falling

ARPU is haunting them?

Telecom operators need to benefit from the huge technology-cum-analytics

capabilities available in India to enhance revenue management and reduce churn

rates. Secondly, since convergence will dominate the future and new services

will be introduced, these telecom companies need to have scalable, flexible

processing for quickly having a process in place, for which outsourcing will



Gopal Devanahalli

VP and head, Communication Service Providers,

SBU, Infosys BPO

What's your share of business from the communications industry, and what's

the growth percentage in 2008 over the previous fiscal?

Infosys is a $4 bn company and 25% of its revenue comes from its services to the
telecom industry. In telecom services worldwide for BPO, we registered a 60%

growth in fiscal 2008 over the previous year. We have over 17,000 dedicated

professionals in this vertical including over 5,000 providing BPO services in

Bangalore and Pune. We have also hired consultants and telecom industry experts.

What are the challenges in terms of providing services to the

communications industry?

For a long time, the telecom industry lagged behind in the whole offshore

journey. Telecom operators are going for off-shoring on the IT front, but on the

operations front, they still have reservations because of issues like unionized

workforces in many countries.

Kannan K