The company's net-debt was ₹ 161,035 crore, as on 31st March 2020. With these investments, RIL says it has now become net debt-free.

Reliance Jio promises that tariff hike will not adversely impact data consumption or India’s digital revolution

A statement was released by Reliance Jio stating its intention to hike the tariffs but at the same time giving an assurance that the hike will not affect India’s ambitious Digital India initiatives.

The statement reads as:

“TRAI is likely to initiate a consultation process for revision of telecom tariffs. Like other operators, we will also work with the Government and comply with the regulatory regime to strengthen the industry to benefit Indian consumers and take measures including an appropriate increase in tariffs in next few weeks in a manner that does not adversely impact data consumption or growth in digital adoption and sustains investments.

While ensuring Jio’s commitment to a sustainable sector, Jio will compete on the basis of quality and service in the marketplace and as a customer-obsessed organization, we will always provide the best service to all our customers. Jio will always keep the customer at the center of everything and ensure that the customer continues to benefit the most. Jio is committed to helping India to sustain its global leadership as the world’s largest data market.”

Reliance says that it has enabled India to be the world’s largest data-market growing from 20 crore GB per month in 2016 to over 600 crore GB per month now.

Emphasizing further, Reliance Jio says that despite the staggering growth in data-consumption and 4G coverage across the country, there are still over 40 crore Indian consumers who have not benefitted from the advent of the latest technologies.

“We believe that the ambitious objectives of the ‘Digital India’ mission can be achieved only if India is made 2G-mukt” in the shortest time-frame possible. The Government and TRAI should mandate this through policy. This requires continued investment at an industry level. The whole industry needs to come up the curve and raise standards to meet the aspirations of Indian citizens and fulfill the nation’s digital agenda.”

Reliance Jio says it is committed to:

a. to bringing the 40 crore 2G customers to experience and participate fully in the Digital India eco-system;

b. as a customer-obsessed organization towards providing the best quality and customer experience for all our Jio customers;

c. to continuously innovate in the digital eco-system to provide affordable services and products for the Indian consumers; and

d. to always being regulatory compliant, and work with the industry to keep the telecom sector a vibrant part of the Indian economy and a vital engine for our country’s growth.

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