Rank 5: Wipro Ltd: Two Hands Are Better

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Wipro continued with its upward surge through its two arms Wipro Infotech

(WI) and Wipro Technologies (WT) in the communications business in FY 2001-02.

The company registered a growth of 33 percent in the communications space.


During the year, its business in communications surged from Rs 1,044.6 crore

to Rs 1,389.9 crore. The cashcow for its business has been WT. Despite the

global slowdown, WT, from its communications-oriented revenues, grew from Rs

725.3 crore to Rs 1,099.6 crore. However, the Indian and Asian arm of the

company, WI, was only a shade better than in the

previous fiscal. While the annual revenues of WI in the fiscal 2000-01 stood at
Rs 282.8 crore (in enterprise networking solutions and services), fiscal 2001-02

saw it rake in Rs 290.3 crore. Nonetheless, WI has been the largest network

integration player in the country in the fiscal 2001-02.

Wipro’s success comes from its continued positioning at the core of ‘network

platform centric’ development and a single-window shop for various solutions.

While these have been at the technology and marketing initiative levels, its

emphasis on the quality too paid-off. The Six Sigma initiatives contributed to

savings of close to Rs 100 crore for WT alone. The gains made on the

productivity front and its cost-management initiatives helped it retain the

operating margins. For WT, the R&D services business segment contributed 50

percent of its services revenue–same as the previous year.

The technology infrastructure horizontal contributed 7 percent of the

services revenue across R&D and enterprise solutions segments. Its R&D

efforts continued in the area of routing and QoS protocols for edge routers, and

the company also set up an interop lab for testing, integration, validation, and



Although WI remains the numero uno integrator in the country, its total NI

business was down by about 9 percent to Rs 244.5 crore. Primarily because of the

general slowdown in deployment in the IT sector and the delay in telecom

projects. The ISP and data center sector was almost nonexistent.

Wipro Ltd





Azim Premji


of Operation
: Enterprise networking, telecom software, and services 
Address : Doddakkannelli, Sarjapur Road, 

Bangalore 560 035
Tel : 080-8440011
Fax : 080-8440350
Year of Start-up : 1980
Website : 

Strength  One-stop solutions shop for hardware, software, and services
Weakness Services focus in India and Asia-Pacific to be increased
Opportunity As a global services company
Threat  Managing and sustaining its comprehensive offering

While in the previous fiscal, its share from the telecom and ISP, and IT

sectors was 20 and 27 percent respectively, in the last fiscal it was 17 and 24

percent respectively. One of the key reasons of WI’s success has been its

presence across all verticals–manufacturing, banking and finance, telecom and

ISP, IT, and government. Plus, its reach and staff. With 173 offices, 620

engineers supporting networking, 134 engineers contributing on the systems and

network integration front and 42 marketing personnel, it has the necessary

ammunition to beat anyone in projects. It also met with considerable success

after its restructuring to focus in the APAC region, including India, through

four distinct groups–the APAC, products, solutions, and services divisions.

Its services revenue grew to Rs 67 crore. And it made some significant in-roads

into APAC. It won a major contract from Telecom Malaysia in fault management and

SLA management. And with the worst times over, it looks that Wipro is all set to

further consolidate and grow this fiscal through its two arms.