Rank 20: GTL: Cause to Worry?

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New Update

Global Tele-Systems Ltd has been rechristened as GTL Ltd. Further to the

merger of Global Tele-Systems Ltd and Global Electronic Commerce Services Ltd (GECS),

and the acquisition of Thermax Systems & Software Ltd and Fine InfoTech Ltd,

the company is consolidating its corporate brand across the spectrum of services

it now offers. The first step for this was the change of name.


GTL Ltd posted a turnover of Rs 461.94 crore in the fiscal 2001-02. This

exhibits a negative growth of 38.74 percent in revenues. Major chunk of the GTL’s

revenue came from network integration, which stood at Rs 199.61 crore. Embedded

telecom software was the second major revenue earner for Global which accounted

for Rs 133.52 crore. Network maintenance, including facilities management

contributed Rs 127.6 crore to the kitty.






Manoj Tirodkar
Address : 412,

Janmabhoomi Chambers, Walchand Hirachand Marg Mumbai 400039
Tel  : 022-2613010
Fax : 022-2654849
Web site : 

Strength  : Diversified operations and domain expertise in telecom
Weakness : Growth tapering

Opportunity : VoIP and security solutions
Threat  : From niche players

As a network integrator, GTL has a very strong presence in call center

integration. It was also very active in the verticals like banking and

insurance, hospitality, and IT and telecom. GTL focuses on a complete range of

NI e-business infrastructure, enterprise networks, MNS, VPN, facilities

management, security solutions, call center solutions, and disaster-recovery

solutions. Its strength comes from partners like Cisco, Lucent and Nortel. In

the years to come, the company intends to focus on the international market and

explore possibilities in VoIP.