Rank 26: BPL Cellular: Slipping Base

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BPL Cellular is the company that provides the cellular service in Kerala,

Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. With a total subscriber base of 454,883, it has

been the sixth largest company in the country, with a total estimated revenue of

Rs 330 crore. The operator recorded 18 percent growth in its subscriber base

over that in 2000-01. For the company, Maharashtra has been the single largest

contributor in terms of subscriber base at 174,078. Tamil Nadu and Kerala

accounted for 129,149 and 151,656 subscribers respectively. While the company

was the clear leader in Maharashtra in the previous year, in 2001-02, it has

been way behind Idea Cellular which has a total subscriber base of 301,520 in

the circle. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala too, it has been left behind by its

competitors Aircel and Escotel respectively.

It was expected that BPL would have done exceedingly well following its MoU

with Birla-Tata-AT&T to merge their cellular telephony businesses. But BPL

got stuck on the investments and also had to address the issue of Maharashtra

circle, as BPL and Idea Cellular are competitors in the Maharashtra circle.

These developments slowed down the pace of investments for the company, and it

was also grappled with the issue of brand propagation. In the process, the

competition capitalized to grow with the subscriber base. Nonetheless, of late,

the company has started getting aggressive on the data services front.

BPL Cellular





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Area of Operation



services in Kerala, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu
Address : 54 Richmond

Road,Bangalore 560 025
Tel  : 080-5594911-16
Fax: : 080-5594920
Web site : 

Strength  : A Strong

brand name
Weakness : Managing the change
Opportunity : New value-added services and operations
Threat  : Falling ARPU