Rank 10: The all times relevant company-Cisco

Cisco is indeed a company in technology domain, that deserves the title of ‘King of all times’. The fundamentally strong IP portfolio, R&D orientation and persistent acquisition agenda to add on to the value proposition, makes Cisco an all-weather company. At the same time, the capability to sustain in quiet periods (when the market is not ready for the future solutions it has), due to strong financials, makes it sail through the period to be able to satisfactorily activate and pounce on the opportunities.

Cisco not only continues to maintain leadership in several active networking and enterprise communication segments, but, it also continues to widen the gap and makes it impossible for competition to even come nearby.

The fiscal has yet been another great year for the company with an overall growth of over 17% in revenues in India. On the enterprise side, its dominance in Conferencing & Collaboration, Desk Phones and PBXs makes it the strongest enterprise communication solutions provider. With Avaya announcing bankruptcy, it has become even stronger and has widened the market share gaps with the 2nd in competition.


In the telecom active networking space, it continues to be a strong performer with over 38% CAGR in the past 4 years.

Among its most significant deployments of network services, Cisco partnered with Jio to build a first-of-its kind, 5G-ready network. As the largest all-IP, multi-Terabit capacity network in India, Jio enables massification of infrastructure services such as broadband connectivity, mobile video, and high quality communications, thereby digitizing industry verticals, including education, healthcare, security, financial, and government services.

Cisco also deployed solutions like the Self Optimization Network (SON) for Airtel and Vodafone which helps automate new cell deployment dynamically balances network load, automatically manages neighbour relations and plans tracking area. This solution was key to service providers reducing the call dropping to a large extent.



Cisco has also deployed a host of other solutions like Open Network Architecture which helps operators move beyond a siloed infrastructure to a flexible, interconnected and programmable environment, where security, policies, and analytics are pervasive throughout.

Cisco is also helping video streaming companies like Hotstar deliver quality content online through multiple networking offerings. This also is a growing area for Cisco as 8 to 10 companies are emerging in streaming business alone creating an impetus for data growth, thus an opportunity for Cisco.

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