Cambium offers wireless solutions in India

Cambium’s range of wireless solutions cater to the demand arising out of industrial IoT: Bharat Sharma

Cambium Networks Bharat Sharma

Cambium Networks is into the business of connecting people, places, and things in India. While these deployments are in their early to late stages, the company is showing the transformative power of connecting people to the world. Discussing further, Bharat Sharma, Director Presales, India & SAARC, of Cambium Networks, tells Voice&Data on how the company is playing an active part in India’s wireless connectivity business.

Voice&Data: In just two years, Cambium Networks has taken huge strides in the Indian market. To what would you attribute this success to?

Bharat Sharma: The proliferation and consumer preference for data services, continues to grow unabated in India. This demand has resulted in service providers investing in upgrading their network to match up to consumer expectations which in turn gives business opportunities for players such as Cambium Networks for solutions such as backhaul, wireless connectivity and so on.

Moreover, with the ecosystem players realizing the true potential of Wi-Fi as a means to enable connectivity, our range of Wi-Fi solutions further finds favors with the market.

Additionally, opportunities arising out of new-age concepts such as IoT, smart cities, smart campuses, wireless solutions for the hospitality industry, further add to the business potential. Overall our key theme of connecting the unconnected finds the best-fit position in most of the situations thereby ensuring a sustainable growth momentum gained in the market.

Voice&Data: What are the new-age wireless connectivity solutions offered by Cambium Networks for the Indian market? How can a common man benefit from them?

Bharat Sharma: Cambium’s range of wireless solutions cater to demand and opportunities arising out of industrial IoT, connectivity for education including schools and smart campuses, broadband services for mobile service providers, hospitality Wi-Fi solutions, surveillance connectivity for the Oil & Gas industry, public Wi-Fi solutions and rural connectivity.

The solutions help transform the lives of citizens by enabling affordable connectivity across the urban and rural spectrum for uses spanning Oil & Gas, education, hospitality, broadband connectivity, disaster management to name a few.

Voice&Data: What is your approach pertaining to the partner network of Cambium in India?

Bharat Sharma: Cambium is deeply focused on having a strong partner network in the region. We follow a value-added distribution network to ensure optimum value sell to our customers and partners both. Our sales team works closely with partners and customers to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.

Voice&Data: Can you outline Cambium’s future business plans?

Bharat Sharma: Cambium remains focused on the Indian market with our range of connectivity solutions. We are geared up to enter tier 2 cities and SAARC countries. We are working towards setting a state-of-the-art lab in Bengaluru that will work towards developing solutions to enhance user experience.

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