Qualcomm joins hands with Sesame

V&D Bureau
New Update

Qualcomm has joined hands with Sesame Workshop for innovative mobile learning applications to revolutionize early childhood education.


As part of the agreement, Qualcomm will perform research and development activities with Sesame Workshop to create and deliver new innovations in mobile educational content.

The collaboration brings together Qualcomm's mobile technologies, Sesame Workshop's expertise in early childhood education, and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to create engaging and inspiring learning experiences that will prepare young children for school.

The first applications through this collaboration are being demonstrated in the Qualcomm booth at 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

An app called Big Bird's Words will feature the first ever use of Qualcomm Vuforia augmented reality platform's text recognition capability. Within the app, children are guided, via the use of a virtual 'wordoscope', to search for and find new words in their environment.

In addition, Qualcomm and Sesame Workshop are continuing their collaboration in China and India through Qualcomm's wireless reach initiative to bring educational information to undeserved children.