Products that already support 3G is sure to get the customer’s attention and create a niche for itself: Fujitsu

Fujitsu in India is mainly known for
their storage solutions. Is the introduction of 3G-enabled notebooks a
renewed effort to make a mark in the segment?

Fujitsu is the third largest services company in the world today and
we have created a mark for ourselves in the storage solution space. Our
company is one of the top five server vendors in the world in terms of

In India, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Technology
Solutions, it is the second year of our journey. As a brand we always
intend to offer the best products with latest technology available to
our customers in India. We have been offering quite a number of
business laptops bundled with unique features since our inception and
its time for us to offer products that raises the bar in terms of
meeting customers’ mobility needs.

Although 3G as a technology was quite popular among Indian
consumers, because of the benefits it will bring along with it, but it
was only after the successful 3G auctioning that 3G usage is becoming a
reality. Thereby products that already support 3G is sure to get
customers attention and create a niche for itself. Fujitsu’s 3G enabled
notebooks will thereby enable our company to meet customer requirements
for high speed data access and downloads, convenience, mobility, access
to different Internet-based services etc coming handy with the notebook.

This will definitely enable us to set a gold standard in the space
of mobile computing available for customers at exciting price point.

What kind business opportunities do
you see with 3G entering the Indian telecom space?

Business mobility is most important mantra in the coming years and
in that direction we look forward to organizations opting for ready
solutions with built in 3G features. With high speed wireless broadband
3G ready laptops we look forward to opening of new avenues in the
different verticals within the industry.

With the onslaught of 3G, do you plan to
tie-up with a telecom operator for these offerings in the future?

We are currently in the stage of evaluation for the same and will
definitely look forward to the tie-up in order to enhance our offerings
to the customers. This will also ensure a complete hassle free
experience for the customers with a ‘buy it use it’ approach, without
having to load any specific application, or connect any external

A new technology brings with it a host
of security issues. Do you plan to bundle your notebooks with
anti-virus packages?

Notebook security in terms of external and internal threat has
always been a concern for most vendors today. Even though currently we
are not offering any antivirus package bundled with our products, but
in future we definitely look forward to offer a bundled solution.

Are you planing to enter into mobile
handsets segment as well?

No. At the moment the company’s focus is into providing dynamic
infrastructure solutions based on products offerings that include
servers, storage, workstations and client products including the
laptops. We look forward to the expansion of the same through our
dedicated set of partners and customers across the country.

Do you think 3G and cheaper Internet devices will help in increasing
the broadband penetration in India? Elaborate.

There is tremendous potential for broadband in the Indian market.
Indian consumers are increasingly looking at high speed broadband to
meet their computing requirements. As per a World Bank report, for an
average country, a ten percentage points increase in broadband
penetration results in an acceleration of the economic growth (YoY
increase in per capita GDP) by 1.3 percentage points. Hence, broadband
is imperative for the economic development of any country. India would
be ready for 20 mn subscribers by the end of this year.

Following the auction of 3G spectrum, the interest in 3G mobile
services has increased the focus and spending on broadband
infrastructure. Enterprises focus on cost effective and smart solutions
for their employees and hence, they are relying on technology coupled
with communications. To support their expanding mobile workforce they
generally require connectivity solutions. Organizations today deploy
remote access solutions over fixed DSL and cable, public and private
Wi-Fi networks as well as wireless wide-area networks. Embedding mobile
broadband represents a move by PC manufacturers to make notebook
computers truly mobile-no longer bounded by fixed-line connections such
as Ethernet or even by Wi-Fi hotspots, which still tether users to a

The government’s and companies’ spendings on broadband
infrastructure have gone up as consumers have started demanding more
wireless as well as mobile broadband.

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