Poly Announce Shipping of its Landmark 30 Millionth IP Phone

Poly, the maker of IP Phones, announced that it has shipped its 30 millionth IP phone on Monday, in a new milestone for the company.

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New Update

Poly announced on Monday that it has sold its 30 millionth IP phone. Notably, the company has been making IP Phones for more than two decades.


New Milestone for Poly

The milestone comes amid rapid changes in the marketplace for Poly. Businesses are fast moving from physical phone systems to cloud telephony, mostly propelled by a global pandemic. The pandemic has promoted a Work From Home culture across the world, therefore, being connected is all the more important.

However, businesses are fast adopting and using cloud-based services because of the pandemic. In fact, the demand has only accelerated over the past few months. Yet, over the past few months, connectivity has evolved quite a lot - video conferencing has become the norm. However, in these extraordinary circumstances, connectivity has managed to keep up and grow.


In the meantime, Poly's solutions continue to help IT service providers and customers alike in how and where to work. The company has a rich catalog of IP and wireless phones, USB speakerphones, conference phones, analog telephone adapters (ATAs), and installed audio.

Furthermore, the company is introducing new technologies such as smart multi-microphone arrays, HD Voice, Acoustic Fence, and NoiseBlock AI. With time, Poly's products have evolved, keeping up with the pace at which communication at work changes. A statement to that is its SoundStation conference phone, on display at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.

John Lamarque, VP and GM, Voice Collaboration and Professional Headset Business, noted that no matter the changes in technology, demand for “high quality phone systems and the ability to connect are constant”.


Speaking on the company's mission, Lamarque noted that the mission focused “to outfit every type of workspace with pro-grade audio technology and high-quality phones to meet the needs".

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