"Our Large Indian Operation Gives Us a Price Advantage,"

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New Update (27022 bytes) align="left"> "Our Large Indian

Operation Gives Us a Price Advantage,"

name="Sukh Sagar, president, EHPT Pvt Ltd.">Sukh Sagar, president, EHPT

Pvt Ltd.


is fast turning out to be the preferred choice for most leading companies in the $23.6

billion (source: Insight Research) global telecom OSS industry. In the last one year,

while most other foreign telecom companies were going slow on their India plans, this is

one segment which has seen at least half a dozen companies opening offices in India.

However, one company that stands out in the crowd is Ericsson Hewlett-Packard

Telecommunications (EHPT), because of its sheer size of operation in India.

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Sukh Sagar, SIZE="2" COLOR="#000000" face="Arial">president of EHPT Pvt Ltd, has plans to turn this

into the most important EHPT location after its headquarters in Sweden. He shares his

plans and views with Shyamanuja Das.



face="Times New Roman">We see India as a very large market. We also see India as a good

development base. Both are reasons for opening a subsidiary. And both these are equally

important for us. We see India not only as a place where you get a lot of talented IT and

telecom engineers, but also as a market with a large middle class, which is growing. The

market for telecom services definitely has good potential here. That is an opportunity for


But you are not the only telecom OSS company. A lot of

others have also come in recently ...

I cannot comment about others. But we

certainly feel India is a great opportunity.

And then there is a difference between the

"others" that you are referring to and EHPT. Many others are just having a token

presence. With just one or two people. We have a big team. We have big investments. We are

expanding rapidly. We are committed to India.

But don’t some of the recent trends make you


The slowdown is only temporary. You should

see the underlying factors. India is definitely deregulating. And it is deregulating in

all sectors. Many global operators are operating in India. The direction is right. The

market is there. The issue is timeliness.

We also carry out EHPT’s global

R&D activities ...

If the market does not move fast enough, is there a

possibility that EHPT will only do development here and close the sales and marketing


No. I do not see that happening. India is

a good market for us. We are also committed to India as a market.

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What are the immediate opportunities that you are looking


We are looking at the new private basic

service providers. Also many cellular companies will look at consolidating their billing

operations. They will go for centralized billing centres. That is an opportunity.


Many cellular service providers will also

go for changing their current billing systems, with which they are not happy. That is

another market opportunity for us. We are also looking at the emerging market of ISPs.
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How are your products priced? SIZE="2" COLOR="#000000">

They are very competitively priced. We

have the advantage of developing them locally, though they are globally tested and used.

The Indian operation also gives us that price advantage.

Will you do systems integration, if you do not have a


Yes. We can do it. We have a whole range

of building blocks. If the customer wants something that we do not have and he wants us to

give a total solution that requires that small component, we will not shy away. We will do

it for him.

Are you looking at some Indian systems integrators? SIZE="2" COLOR="#000000">

Globally, we work with very few selected

channel partners. In many cases, it is our parent companies HP or Ericsson. That does not

mean that we do not work with others. We also have SIs like EDS doing systems integration

for us.

What about local SIs? COLOR="#000000">

We are

open to the idea. But we are not currently looking actively at it, because we have the

capability to do it ourselves.