'Our core focus is to deliver best-in-class radio network planning products and consultancy services'

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New Update

Don’t you think you are trying to snatch a slice away

from the network equipment suppliers’ offering? What extra value do you bring

to the operators?


Manufacturers’ core business is to deliver network

infrastructure and terminals to the industry. Any service delivered by these

same equipment suppliers is simply auxiliary non-core business to provide a

support capability. Aircom HCL Perot Wireless Services (AHWS) has a core focus

to deliver best-in-class radio network planning products and consultancy

services. The engineering expertise and knowledge delivered by AHWS consultants,

will generally far exceed any support services provided by equipment suppliers.

Why should an wireless operator talk to you?

Experience, knowledge and proven skills in delivering the

highest quality-of-service from any cellular network. AHWS has worked with

numerous network operators in India and worldwide. AHWS engineers are experts

and that can make a real difference to the service and quality offered across

any radio network.


AHWS also delivers world-leading radio engineering planning

solutions to network operators. The same solutions have already been corporately

adopted by the industry leaders, such as Ericsson, Nokia and Lucent.

We have seen people trying to enter in this space–though

in a limited way like MSI. What has changed since then for you to be optimistic

this time?

Dr Stephen Mockford, CEO, AircomMSI has been taken over by Marconi, a company that has the

core business of delivering fixed transmission network infrastructure. Marconi

has not handled MSI non-core business well–the end-customers of MSI have

suffered as a result. Prior to MSI being taken over by Marconi, the key

management of the company had become de-focused and were putting their efforts

into developing MSI Cellular Investments, which would operate GSM licenses in


Aircom is very much focused to deliver best-in-class radio

network planning solutions and consultancy services–this very strong and

direct focus will not change.

Shyamanuja Das