Nokia and Allo to Deploy Gigabit Fiber Network in Malaysia

Nokia on Tuesday announced that it will deploy a giganet fiber network in Malaysia, with Allo, an IT service provider in the country.

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On Tuesday, Nokia announced that it will deploy a gigabit fiber network in the states of Melaka, Johor, Negeri Sembilan and East Coast of Malaysia, in association with Allo.


The Finnish telecom vendor said that it plans to complete the deployment by the end of Q2 2021. This deployment will include the vendor's Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solution and Access Management System. The deployment will also cover almost 150,000 homepasses.

Nokia's Malaysian Adventure

The telecom vendor said that the network will allow the users to enjoy high-speed broadband. Further, it added that Allo, its partner in the deployment, can increase its revenue by supporting new use cases such as 5G backhaul.


Also, this solution will enable Allo to better manage bandwidth. The fiber network also will support service and user  convergence on the same infrastructure. This move will also allow Allo to bring down OpEx and improve revenue. Furthermore, with the new network, Allo can acquire insights into network utilization. The new network will also help Allo benefit from network simplification and easier network management.

Rodzi Ahmad, CEO, Allo, said, “we are pleased to partner with Nokia to bring the next generation fiber services to our users. By utilizing their expertise, we can accelerate the rollout of fiber services over the next two years".

He further added that the partnership will allow the company to provide high-speed broadband to more people. "Together Allo and Nokia will continue working towards the ultimate goal of improving broadband connectivity in Malaysia”, he added.


Stuart Hendry, Head of Enterprise, Asia Pacific and Japan, Nokia, said, “we are excited to work with Allo on this crucial initiative for the rollout of the next-generation fiber services".

He said that the vendor's solutions will help Allo support the growing demand for bandwidth and provide network flexibility. Further, he said that the vendor's network will enable Allo to reduce costs and offer new services to its customers.

"The initiative will help build a future-ready network capable of meeting the ever-growing data demand”, he added.


Allo is also conducting field trials with the vendor's next-generation XGS-PON products, in addition to the GPON roll-out. The XGS-PON products can operate where the network requires even greater bandwidth, up to 10 Gbps symmetrical.

What all will Nokia Deploy in Malaysia?

The Finnish telecom vendor will deploy the following technology in the Southeast Asian country.

  • Nokia 7360 Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) FX access node.
  • Nokia’s 7368 Intelligent Service Access Manager (ISAM) Optical Network Terminals, for high bandwidth capacity networks.
  • Nokia 7210 Service access switch.
  • Nokia 5520 Access Management System.
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