Nex-Tech Wireless selects Gemalto's complete LTE solution

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Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, has enabled Nex-Tech Wireless to launch long term evolution (LTE) high-bandwidth wireless services to its subscribers in the United States.


Gemalto's comprehensive solution combining the LinqUs Advanced OTA platform and the UpTeq LTE multi-tenant SIM ensures that Nex-Tech Wireless mobile users can immediately enjoy the benefits of fourth-generation (4G) broadband-connectivity as well as easily transition further to future technology upgrades such as NFC.

In addition to facilitating faster broadband connections, the solution manages secure connectivity to all multi-tenant SIMs with reliability. The advanced UpTeq LTE multi-tenant SIM, embedded with Gemalto's unique secure polling software, enables mass update campaigns with a high success rate.

Gemalto's solution is scalable for future deployment of a broad range of advanced services such as M2M applications, multimedia, WiFi offload and NFC.


Currently, the US is widely considered the world's leading LTE market, with 57 million subscribers (1) benefiting from mobile broadband. In the next four years, LTE is estimated to be used by almost 70% of the American population which will require an established and seamless solution.

Gemalto's experience having delivered 20 advanced LTE over-the-air (OTA) platforms worldwide ensures an expertise and solution that will benefit Nex-Tech Wireless and the US LTE landscape.

"Using Gemalto's LTE solution will allow us to bring the best 4G coverage to our customer base, along with easy update possibilities with their LinqUs Advanced OTA platform," said Jon Lightle, Director of Finance and Operations for Nex-Tech Wireless.


He further added, "Their solution has been voted "Best LTE Security Product Award" by LTE World Summit in 2013 and Gemalto tailored it to meet our specific deployment needs."

"Our LTE technology is already deployed in Japan and several European countries, and provides seamless adoption of LTE with easy integration of further mobile technologies, such as NFC and M2M," said Sébastien Cano, Senior Vice President of Telecommunications for Gemalto North America.

He further added, "Gemalto's six-time award-winning software and services solution has provided a strong foundation to LTE deployment in the United States, and our LTE OTA platform ensures operators like Nex-Tech Wireless can directly manage real-time activations and easily program updates that will increase overall client satisfaction."


Gemalto UpTeq range of high end SIM has been designed to securely host multiple value added applications on the card.

LTE account activation, contactless payment or transport applications can be deployed by MNOs and service providers in an independent way, each of them acting as a "tenant" and managing personalization and life-cycle of its applicatio