Vi Enters Mobile Cloud Gaming Arena with 'Cloud Play' Service

Vi jumps into mobile cloud gaming with "Cloud Play." Users can access high-end games on their phones with a subscription and free trial period, but strong internet is crucial.

Rashi Grover
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Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea), a major Indian telecom operator, has announced the launch of Vi Games Cloud Play, its foray into the mobile cloud gaming market. This new service aims to provide subscribers with the ability to play high-end and graphically demanding games directly on their smartphones, eliminating the need for powerful hardware or large downloads. 


Vi has collaborated with CareGame, a Paris-based cloud gaming company, to develop and deliver the Cloud Play service. CareGame's expertise in cloud gaming infrastructure and technology is expected to contribute to a smooth and lag-free gaming experience for Vi subscribers.

Vi Games Cloud Play operates on a subscription model. Users can access the service through the Vi app or the Vi Games web platform. 

An introductory offer provides a 15-day free trial, allowing users to test the service and game library before committing to a paid subscription. 


Following the trial, the subscription fee starts at Rs. 100 per month(Rs.104 for prepaid users), offering a potentially cost-effective entry point for budget-conscious gamers.

Vi announced in a press release that its Cloud Play service will feature a range of triple-A mobile games spanning various genres such as action, adventure, arcade, racing, sports, and strategy. 

The launch catalog will include popular titles like Asphalt 9, Modern Combat 5, Shadow Fight, Storm Blades, Riptide, Beach Buggy Racing, and Gravity Rider. Additionally, classic games like Cut the Rope, Subway Surfers, and Jetpack Joyride will also be available on the platform.


While the initial launch focuses primarily on mobile games, Vi has indicated plans for continuous expansion of the game library. The current offerings include a mix of popular titles across various genres, catering to diverse gaming preferences.

Cloud gaming offers several potential advantages for mobile gamers:

Reduced Hardware Requirements: Users can potentially play demanding games on even mid-range smartphones, bypassing the need for expensive hardware upgrades.


Storage Efficiency: Games are streamed directly from the cloud, freeing up valuable storage space on phones.

Expanded Game Selection: Cloud gaming opens access to high-end titles that may not be compatible with older or less powerful devices.

Improved Accessibility: Cloud Play allows users to start playing games instantly without lengthy downloads or installations.


The launch of Vi Games Cloud Play represents a significant development in the Indian mobile gaming landscape. Cloud gaming has the potential to revolutionize how users access and enjoy games, offering a more accessible and convenient way to experience high-quality titles. 

The success of Vi's service will depend on its ability to address connectivity concerns, build a strong game library, and compete effectively in a growing market. 

As technology and infrastructure evolve, cloud gaming is expected to witness further adoption in India, potentially disrupting traditional mobile gaming models.