Miko IoT Partners with Agora to Deliver Secure Video Calling Experience

Miko IoT partners with Agora to enhance parent-child connections with secure video calling, achieving a 99.83% call success rate and boosting engagement.

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Miko IoT Partners with Agora

Miko IoT partners with Agora

In today's fast-paced, tech-driven world, keeping young children connected with their parents is more important than ever. Miko IoT has teamed up with Agora to create a secure video-calling solution that makes this easier. This partnership allows parents to connect, monitor, and interact with their children aged 5-10 in real time, providing peace of mind through reliable communication. By solving the challenges of video calling on IoT devices, Miko IoT and Agora are setting a new standard for secure and dependable family connectivity in the digital age.


The team at Miko IoT had found that most video SDKs lacked the compatibility, reliability, and quality required for their product. Being an IoT device, it was hard to find video-calling SDKs that worked well with the hardware. Issues like video freezing made it difficult to provide a smooth video calling experience.

Agora's video-calling SDK provided Miko with the safety and reliability needed to launch a video-calling feature on their robot. With Agora's extensive cross-platform compatibility and IoT support, integrating the SDK with Miko's hardware and application was straightforward. Miko prioritizes data privacy and security, and Agora's compliance with these standards matched Miko's needs perfectly. Agora enabled Miko to offer high-quality video calls with minimal delays, allowing parents to stay in touch, monitor, and connect with their kids, whether away from home or in another room. Additionally, Agora’s Signalling product ensures real-time data synchronization, enabling parents to move Miko around to follow their child during a video call.

Miko IoT has partnered with Agora to implement a secure, reliable video calling feature for their educational robots, boosting parent engagement. The integration led to a 99.83% call success rate, with low audio and video freeze rates, ensuring smooth and trustworthy communication. This success increased app engagement and retention. Miko has sold over 500,000 units, with 70% in the US, and plans to expand features to include extended family connections and interactive video calls. Miko remains committed to child safety and privacy, complying with COPPA regulations, and will continue collaborating with Agora to enhance communication and learning experiences for children.